Bergen CC evening nursing 2013

  1. Just wondering if there is anyone on here applying?? I took my HESI today and my cumulative score was 87%. I pray that is high enough to get me accepted. Just have to wait till the end of November to find out. I would love to chat with some people that are in the same predicament as me!
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  3. by   Lilysmama
    Hi a_rose,I just took mine today and got a 89.66. I too am wondering if that was enough to get in since I've heard conflicting things. Good luck!! we should hear soon
  4. by   A_Rose83
    That's a good score! The class average right now is 79%.. Are you in county or out of county?
  5. by   MrMan
    I'm trying to attend the Spring 2013 Evening Nursing program. I had just taken my Hesi test today in New York (the only one that I could book that gave me at least a few days to study since the other testing sites were completely booked!). I received an overall percentile of 93.67%. That vocab section was more of a pain that I had anticipated. It was my lowest grade at an 84%. Everything else was between 90%-100%.

    I ended up having to take Math, Grammar, Reading and Comprehension, Vocabulary and General Knowledge, Chemistry, Personality Profile, and Learning Style.

    I'm in county.

    Also, I have a question for you guys. I've read that the overall percent that we get at the end of the test isn't our final grade? Will the "conversion score" mean anything? If so, what does it mean and what's its significance? Finally, is the "class average" of 79 the class average in BCC? Does that mean we're pretty well off as long as the class average doesn't raise above our score?

    It's such a pain trying to find out info. Just getting to talk to the nursing dept heads is like trying to get an audience with the President of the US. Their secretary tries to answer everything for them. I have not once been able to talk to them directly, nor do they ever pick up the phone or respond to emails. I know they're busy but come on.

    Hopefully we see each other come the beginning of next semester!

    PS: A_Rose83, I noticed in another thread that you're also taking Intro to Chem this semester (FA2012). I'm taking it at 8AM with *******. I'm just wondering if you're in my class.
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  6. by   A_Rose83
    Hello MrMan, That's a fantastic score! I thought the cumulative percentage was our final grade, I've never heard of the conversion grade. I do believe that the 79% is specifically for bergen students, and I think it's just for our class. Usually it's a combo of all students applying for the health professions(X-ray, dental, etc.) but since nursing is the only evening program, we would be the only ones testing now. Does that make sense?! I am taking intro to chem mon & wed nights with *****. I was reading previous posts from students applying for last years program and someone got in with an 84, so I am hoping that pattern continues, since I have a lower score than both of you! lol
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  7. by   A_Rose83
    I'm so happy people have responded! I check webadvisor everyday to see if anything has changed on my admission status, haha! Even though we won't find out if we are in or not until after November 20th, since that's the last day to test!
  8. by   MrMan
    Nice! I have Intro to Chem on Mon and Wed at 8AM, and lab Fri at 730AM. I walk into class like a zombie because it's so early. And thank you for the compliment about my score! Even though it's fairly high, you can never be too secure with what you have.

    And wow, people really got in with a score of 84? That's really encouraging. I'm assuming that person was from BCC right? What's scary is that the testing doesn't end for at least another week and a half and that leaves so much more time for the people who are taking the test at a later date to study and kick us down the list! But I have high hopes.

    And what you said about the conversion score does make sense. Also, how many seats are there available for the Evening Nursing program? I went to one of the meetings a couple months ago and if I remember correctly, it was around maybe 50 seats (my cousin who graduated a year before that says it's 80), I'm not entirely certain, however. Then there are those people who are retaking the courses again that failed it last semester taking up seats. Geez, it's so nerve-wracking having to wait for that letter!

    EDIT: Where do you check the admission status in WebAdvisor?
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  9. by   A_Rose83
    I went to an Information session and I believe they said 80 seats also. But they do have the students from the previous semesters who failed and retake, like you said.. I get so nervous thinking about this! A girl said she went to the most recent session and the director told her if you score over an 80 that you have a good chance of getting in. Waiting until the end of November is going to do me in! lol
  10. by   A_Rose83
    When you log into webadvisor, usually you would click on current student, instead click on prospective student and there will be a link that says, admission status.
  11. by   MrMan
    Ah, thank you!

    And I agree. I don't think I can make it until the end of November to find out either!

    We're just going to have to try to relax. Not like we can do much but sit and wait, lol.
  12. by   Lulu.R
    Hello A_Rose, I just took my HESI exam on Friday and received the same exact score - an 87%. Class average is 79%. I am out of county so I am especially nervous because I know they only accept a few of us. Fingers crossed that my score is good enough but I'm not so sure.. Best of luck to you!
  13. by   Lilysmama
    im in county also. I think we all have a good chance of getting. In. Mr Man did you take bio on the hesi? I think its required. **** is very hard to get in touch with especially this time of year, but her secretary does at least call you back lol. I think they also go by GPA so we probably won't hear anything until after everybody is done with the test and they can evaluate test scores and grades. Do you know if they go by your total GPA or just the GPA for the prerequisites? My total is 3.91. I do hope we find out though... I'm getting anxious
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  14. by   MrMan
    Oh yeah, sorry. I forgot to mention that I was also tested on Biology.