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Just wondering if there is anyone on here applying?? I took my HESI today and my cumulative score was 87%. I pray that is high enough to get me accepted. Just have to wait till the end of November... Read More

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    Happy belated Thanksgiving everyone! And man, any news on the results yet? How sure are we that testing was extended until the 26th? An extension doesn't really make sense to me since the first extension was due to Hurricane Sandy. Testing was delayed a week so a week extension was given. I don't see why they'd give people another whole week.
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    Happy thanksgiving to you also! I'm not sure if testing was extended, I just noticed in my evolve acct that it says the testing dates are 10/4/12-11/26/12.. I haven't heard anything, I check everyday, 3 times a day! lol.. I'm sure we will have our answer sometime this week (fingers crossed!!)
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    They gave people another extension bc of that snowstorm. The testing center was closed. . I hope we will find out this week.
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    Damn, that sucks!!! I really want to find out already!! lol
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    Ughh, are you serious? So unfair that people get nearly a whole month extra to study.
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    this stinks. hopefully we will hear something by friday..
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    This does stink!! Lol! I was really hoping that we would find out today. I didn't realize they extended it again! I wish I would have known because almost 2 weeks prior to the day I tested I had no power and didn't get to study like I would have wanted to.... Oh well, it is what it is I guess. :-/
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    I just checked and the average went down to 77%. Maybe the extra study time didn't pay off...
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    I was starting to think the average wasn't going to change. At least that's some good news!
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    That's awesome news for us. Still, I hope not too many people tested though. Errr, hurry up with admission letters already!
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    I am checking webadvisor like a mad woman from here on out!
    good luck everyone!
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    I'm checking like crazy too!!! Good luck all!!
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    I have a feeling it's going to be a couple days before we find out, if it is even this week! My stomach is in knots, I just want to know! lol