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Just wondering if there is anyone on here applying?? I took my HESI today and my cumulative score was 87%. I pray that is high enough to get me accepted. Just have to wait till the end of November... Read More

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    Hello A_Rose, I just took my HESI exam on Friday and received the same exact score - an 87%. Class average is 79%. I am out of county so I am especially nervous because I know they only accept a few of us. Fingers crossed that my score is good enough but I'm not so sure.. Best of luck to you!

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    im in county also. I think we all have a good chance of getting. In. Mr Man did you take bio on the hesi? I think its required. **** is very hard to get in touch with especially this time of year, but her secretary does at least call you back lol. I think they also go by GPA so we probably won't hear anything until after everybody is done with the test and they can evaluate test scores and grades. Do you know if they go by your total GPA or just the GPA for the prerequisites? My total is 3.91. I do hope we find out though... I'm getting anxious
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    Oh yeah, sorry. I forgot to mention that I was also tested on Biology.
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    Oh good.. I was just making sure! . I hope we find out soon
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    You know what stinks, the last day to test was suppose to be the 14th, but it got pushed back until the 20th. And since the college is closed the 21st-23rd for Thanksgiving, we won't be finding out until the very end of November or the first week of December. I check the class average everyday, numerous times a day, lol. All we can do is sit around and wait.. drives me crazy! lol
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    LOL. Yea, I do too. The class avg went down to 78 today. Also, there are 50 seats. I checked webadvisor and their are only 50 open slots for the Spring nursing classes.

    Aww, that sucks. I was hoping to find out sooner than that. Maybe there won't be a lot of people testing and they will start looking at those who have tested already. Who knows?! If I hear anything I will keep you guys updated
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    Hmmm, only 50 seats? And some of those are already guaranteed for the people that failed last semester right? So in actuality, it's less?
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    I sure hope not!! Im gonna call the secretary today and ask. Maybe I'll get through!
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    I've read from previous students that the number in webadvisor(25) will increase.
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    I called and spoke to someone. There are 90 spots They will be sending letters out by the end of November. Yay!

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