Becoming a Nurse in NJ

  1. Hi All,
    my wife is very interested in becoming a nurse but have no idea where to start.

    Questions :

    1. Do hospitals sponsor nursing students ?
    2. She's on a H4 visa at the moment, will this act against her ?
    3. How long do the courses take and is it possible to do some of it from home or part time (we have 3 kids).

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  3. by   healinghand
    Nursing course is from 2 to 3 years.
    You have to take 75 creits.
    37 of them would be actual nursing credits.
    Rest will be Chemistry,Biology ,English,Microbiology which you can take at community college.
    H4 visa holder can do this course in Union County College.
    I'm one who is doing it with same visa.
    They offer evening classes which are excellent for people like us with kids and even if you are doing full time job.
    Even Nursing classes are offered on wkends and evening.
    go to
    Mail if you have any more questions.
    And yes
    Most imp
    The whole course will cost you $20,000 +++
    But if you maintain your grade at GPA of 3 .0 and above.You will end uo getting full scholarship in last 2 semester which is like $10,000.
    Good luck
  4. by   Vaibhavi

    I'm on H4 visa too, wanting to do nursing course. I've background of medical Lab Technology. Wanted to know whether my credits could be transferred to nursing prog.

    I'd done MLT from India. I would be glad if some one suggests me of online course.
  5. by   Lets
    Healing hand,
    I take it you are in UCC. Its great to know that with a GPA= 3.0 you get a scholarship even on an H4.
  6. by   healinghand
    I think YES,but would definitely like to check it out with authorities.
    You do not have to have a financial need in this case.
    This is an academic Exellence scholarship.
    You have to keep up your GPA aboe 3.0

    This is the scholarship for the brain..whichever country it may belong to.It doesn't matter.

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