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BA in Communications, looking to switch to RN

  1. 0 Hi All,

    I have a BA in Communications and looking to make the change to RN....Has anyone else made a similar change? Does this help in terms of a BSN or 2 different categories all together?
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    nursing school is a totally different ball game. i had a computer science degree before my adn (rn) and i had to learn a different way of studying for nursing school.

    you may have a lot of the general education classes covered because of your ba degree. do you have a school in mind for your nursing school? are you going to an accelerated bsn program since you already possess a 4-year degree?

    please research the job market in nj. it is hard to find a new grad rn job here. there are jobs but they are few and far between. i've been trying to get a hospital job to no avail.

    good luck,
    angel, rn
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    I am looking at BCC and MCC, (Burlington and Mercer County Community)...I didn't know if the BSN would be easier or better to pursue...since I am in the early stages I was hoping the experiences of others could offer some insight.
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    Hello Believe!

    I took the same journey you are about to take!!! I have a BA in communications! After finishing College in December of 2006 I worked in HR, but interned with the same company for the previous 4 years before they offered me a full time job. So I had a good job, doing exactly what i thought i wanted to do! Well after just 4 months of full time employment i planned my escape. Applied to an accelerated ADN (RN) program. I took A&P while working full time just to get a taste of sciences. Well i made it through. Left my job in December of 2007 and did all my prereqs (Micro, A&P, child psychology, Chemistry) before starting my full time Nursing program in Sept of 2008. It wasn't easy. And I completely agree with the previous post. Studying in Nursing school is a completely different beast. But you can do it! Just don't give up or talk yourself out of it! I'm currently a nurse!

    P.S. Even though I have a Bachelors degree in Communications it doesn't go a long way on a nursing interview, it is not the same as a BSN. You need to have the technical nursing skills, that's what they are looking for. All the best!