Anyone denied attending LPN pogram through NJ Unemployment

  1. 0 Just curious, has anyone either been denied or approved for LPN training through NJ unemployment. Just received acceptance letter last week from vocational school that I was accepted (thrilled, might I add since I am 52 years old and studied algebra every night prior to taking the entrance exam since I hadn't done algebra in 35 years), only to be told this week by NJ Unemployment that I can't attend because LPN programs are now 15 months instead of 12 in NJ (due to the fact that the state cut the teachers budget). They said my option is to go to MA training. My desire is to work in hospice, reason for choosing LPN. Anyway, not really quite sure what to do.
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    Have you applied for financial aid or filed a FAFSA? Some of the Lpn programs participate in federal programs especially the public schools. The full time program in my county is 11 months and participates in Pell Grants and federal loan

    The unemployment training fund has been greatly reduced over the past few years.
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    Thanks for actually isn't the money, they're giving me the same amount for the MA (if I choose that route), it's the length of time for the program. I visited a couple MA schools today...juat am not that excited over it, have my heart set on LPN.
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    Try Ocean County it's an eleven month program full time. I know for unemployment it must be full time.
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    Thank you! I will!

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