Anyone attend Muhlenberg SON in Plainfield? - page 2

I recently attended Muhlenberg School of Nursing during the 2005 year. I have spoken with several former students who had problems either with the staff or school. I see that I am not alone!! I am seeking to find other... Read More

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    I am about to send a application to mulenberg, but i know a few people that attend that school that say they would not recommend that school ,yet they were transfered from trinitas and did not had anything good to say. I am confused?

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    I loved that school.....graduated in Jan 2007.....they are tough but you come out well prepared to handle being a first year nurse.
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    i went to school there. hospitals love muhlenburg grads.. if u make it. seriously that program was the most stressful of my life.. BUT its work it. 100% of my class passed the nclex first time around.
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    Just graduated from there. It was tough but when it came down to passing the boards i had NO trouble at all. I would highly recommend the school and the instructors were pretty genuine about wanting you to succeed. If you are having trouble, seek them out, they will try to help. There are always exceptions to the rule....but... I am overall greatful.

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