Any Lpn students from Jersey?

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    Hello just looking to connect wit and nursing students from Jersey...I'm live at the shore
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    I'm in Warren County, graduating in 2 weeks
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    Hey, I'm in Jersey, but I'm over here by Philadelphia.
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    hello im in north jersey
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    Quote from nursedanielle
    I'm in Warren County, graduating in 2 weeks
    Congratulations! Just started July 9
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    @ samantha198823 what school are u starting in
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    I'm in NJ. I'll be attending Monmouth County Vocational School. So excited and nervous!
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    Heeeeeeeeey Samantha 198823...... I am starting my first year for the RN program at Farleigh Dickinson in Teaneck, NJ!!!

    How is school so far??? DETAILS,DETAILS,DETAILS!!!!!!!!

    I don't start to Aug 27. So I am so curious as to what you've done so far!!!!!
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    Hey!!! Well i am actually up here by north bergen, and i go to school in lincoln tech at paramus,nj
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    hey samantha198823 i am in new jersey and starting school in september. what school are you attending?