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Any info on Hoboken University Medical Center?

  1. 0 What's it like to work there as an RN? Do they offer continuing education, tuition reimbursment? What do you like about it? what do you hate about it? Patient:RN ratio? salary? shift differentials? How long is training-classroom and clinical? AND ANY other info you care to share, will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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    From the reports I read in the newspaper, Hoboken University Medical Center is not doing well financially and may close their doors after more than 150 years of operations. Do a news google and read the lastest. The staff took a 10% pay decrease and they were given a 7 million dollar bail out in Dec 2009 from the Corzine admininstration. Are you looking for a job there?
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    Thanks I had read that also. I did want to apply there because I saw openings on their website.
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    i read that they was thinking closing.. but however at one point the hospital had in big red letters that they are not closing
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    It's a VERY SMALL, eg: less than 150 bed, community hospital in a "youth-oriented" community, close to NYC. If it's the only place you can get a job, well then...."hire on". But it's reputation is "unremarkable", and probably NOT a good idea to seek out as an employer....unless you are "already there/invested" in the place. It's days are surely numbered, regardless of the "laughing-stock of NJ" name change a few years ago, from "St. Mary's in Hoboken" to "Hoboken University Whatever". It basically provided a "soft landing" for the new-ish CEO there....who lives in Hoboken and is at the end of his career, longevity-wise. Not a "bad" place....but don't break a sweat trying to get in there. Again, NICE caring nursing staff.....but NOT the type of place you'd want to "hitch your wagon to"....if you follow me.
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    Thanks everyone for your response. Helpful info.
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    I am so thankful for this website. your comments help a lot. Thanks!