Any info on Hoboken University Medical Center?

  1. What's it like to work there as an RN? Do they offer continuing education, tuition reimbursment? What do you like about it? what do you hate about it? Patient:RN ratio? salary? shift differentials? How long is training-classroom and clinical? AND ANY other info you care to share, will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   JerseyLilly
    From the reports I read in the newspaper, Hoboken University Medical Center is not doing well financially and may close their doors after more than 150 years of operations. Do a news google and read the lastest. The staff took a 10% pay decrease and they were given a 7 million dollar bail out in Dec 2009 from the Corzine admininstration. Are you looking for a job there?
  4. by   iamRN09
    Thanks I had read that also. I did want to apply there because I saw openings on their website.
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  5. by   VRN-RN
    i read that they was thinking closing.. but however at one point the hospital had in big red letters that they are not closing
  6. by   JerseyGuy2
    It's a VERY SMALL, eg: less than 150 bed, community hospital in a "youth-oriented" community, close to NYC. If it's the only place you can get a job, well then...."hire on". But it's reputation is "unremarkable", and probably NOT a good idea to seek out as an employer....unless you are "already there/invested" in the place. It's days are surely numbered, regardless of the "laughing-stock of NJ" name change a few years ago, from "St. Mary's in Hoboken" to "Hoboken University Whatever". It basically provided a "soft landing" for the new-ish CEO there....who lives in Hoboken and is at the end of his career, longevity-wise. Not a "bad" place....but don't break a sweat trying to get in there. Again, NICE caring nursing staff.....but NOT the type of place you'd want to "hitch your wagon to"....if you follow me.
  7. by   iamRN09
    Thanks everyone for your response. Helpful info.
  8. by   cat t
    I am so thankful for this website. your comments help a lot. Thanks!

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