Advice - Drexel ACE vs. UMDNJ ABSN

  1. Hi everyone....

    I need some perspective. I got into both Drexel and UMDNJ Stratford. Even though UMDNJ is 15 months vs 11 months and 10,000 dollars cheaper, I am losing months and money by staying in the program for a couple more months to save 10,000 (I'd be spending average 3000 for 3 months of expenses and a total of 2500 tolls/gas (5500 dollars).

    Also - UMDNJ does not use HESI and Drexel does - I'm not sure how that compares/matters.

    But I hear Drexel is impossible and I would like to not fail the program, obviously. Thoughts or experiences?
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  3. by   2bEsqtoRN
    Minnie, if they have one available for admitted students I suggest you go to the open house of both schools before making your decision. We cannot tell you which school to choose as its your money and your education, however, I would advise you go to the school that gives you a better bang for your money (ie better quality teaching, better RN passage rates, increased chances of finding employment, greater networking opportunities, more clinical hours, etc.). Ultimately, you want to choose the school that would help you succeed as a student and reach your career goals.
  4. by   minniemickey23
    i went to one open house, and the one for drexel is not until the end of april. oh boy! deciding on grad school was easier than this. thanks for the input!
  5. by   2bEsqtoRN
    Hopefully your visit to Drexel would help you decide. And FYI, Drexel has a higher passage rate v.s. UMDNJ for the NCLEX-RN.