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Advice and Job hunting !

  1. 0 hello all,
    i recently took my nclex passed yay!!!! but, kinda frustrated that my paper work is slowly being processed due to the holiday ugh!
    first question-i took my examine week of christmas took my money order to the bon in nj that following tuesday called that friday was told "person that process license is on vacation:flamesonb.called the bon today(1/2/12) still on after everything my paperwork will not start being processed starting tommorrow!!!!!!!! how long its going to take to get the darn rn license? i dont want to waste no time i need a job asap!
    second question-i have heard things in nj are getting better far as jobs and also i have called places(nursing homes) not picky and i have a bsn thats hiring! is this true? i need a job quick..i love nursing and i think any fulltime job that come my way will be fine!!!
    third question-do i really need a coverletter and a resume....i have a resume, but never even wrote a coverletter...any sites that helps with coverletters---help! i want to start working nooooooow! lol

    any advice will be great!

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    Hey... Well base on my experience Bon nj process pretty quick. Base from the forums that I have read here. But I guess we have different situation since I did mine thru process of endorsement. But they are pretty quick now. And I just keep on calling them. I'll give u two weeks u MIT get ur license number. And other 5-10 days thru mail.Jobs? It's hard. I passed my boards November till now I'm still waiting for calls. I did some interview thou...processing is really slow but I am patiently waiting. I know it will come.Cover letter? Lots online! Google it. How urs all work out.