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  1. 0 my license number is being shown on the website but says admin pending.. should i go ahead and start applying for jobs? This is the NJ BON
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    If you passed the NCLEX, it will take about 10-12 days to get a license number. It says pending as soon as they process your application - mine was pending for a month before my NCLEX.
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    No let me clarify myself it was PENDING before I passed the NCLEX now that I passed it it SHOWS my license # but it's reading ADMIN PENDING instead of ACTIVE, thats what I meant. I'm just ready to work. thanks for anyones info.
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    If there any any issues with license application: school transcripts, criminal background application, wrong fee paid, Admin pending appears -- requiring administration review prior to license being approved.
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    Thanks NRSKarenRN guess I'll have to wait on interviews and applications.

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