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Acceptance to Muhlenberg school of nursing - page 2

Hi , I recently got accepted to muhlenberg school of nursing. So excited. i will be traveling from NYC. I wanted to know anyone else out there who got accepted for fall 10. I will be... Read More

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    omg! they didnt accept your intro to nursing and math course?! I was told they will take this course from my previous school (Trinitas); now i am very nervous!!!
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    I was wondering how you did with Chem 105, Nursing 119, and Math + Dosages. I am taking the exact same schedule as you and I am working part-time as well and was wondering if I can get some advice - Thanks!!!
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    I saw your older post about being accepted to Muhlenberg Nursing School. I was wondering if you wouldn't mind sharing your experience there. I have applied to the LPN Bridge program. Just curious as to what it was like.