1. Hi Everyone, I am just wondering as to your thoughts between NJCU and UMDNJ? Rutgers is my first choice. Which of these schools has a better reputation in your opinion? I think I would go for NJCU because one would be done sooner. But, I am just wondering if UMDNJ is a better name/reputation which one should consider for applying to graduate school and for the job market. I know Rutgers has a great rep, but I might not get in there and these are my two back up schools. Thanks!
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  3. by   niciki24
    So in my opinon, UMDNJ is the better school. Its an entire health professional school and has a hosiptal affliation. I am also applying to Rutgers ABSN as my first choice (former alum), then UMDNJ, NJCU,also has a great 12month ABSN program and Felician College. Nursing admission is highly competitive better to go with all the options then to be waitlsited for another year
  4. by   chiasmus100
    That's true. Felician is super expensive though. Were you waitlisted last year? This is my first year applying. You might want to try Drexel as a back up school as well, though you'd have to move if you are currently in northern nj. I am an RU alum as well. When did you graduate?
  5. by   2bEsqtoRN
    UMDNJ, though, I am not too keen with their surroundings. Good luck to both of you!
  6. by   iPink
    I'm a UMDNJ graduate. Yes, due to it's name UMDNJ is better. The reason why I didn't chose Rutgers' ABSN program is they only have 1 application process per year and they required more prerequisites. I wanted to started nursing school ASAP and UMDNJ gave me that option. 'Surroundings' don't bother me, as I plan to expand my nursing career to under-privileged communities. Newark needs a lot of work and proud to be attending a university where the nursing staff are doing their best to promote health in this community. Besides, UMDNJ has two locations: Newark and Stratford.

    As any ABSN program, it is tough. We've had people fail out or decide to attend an ADN program, due to it's fast-pace. Would I do it again, NO!

    Best of luck to you.
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  7. by   chiasmus100
    I actually am taking a class at Rutgers Newark in Spring and didn't find the area where the school is to be problematic, I was only there a few times to register for the class though. From what I could tell UMDNJ seemed to be right down the road from RU Newark. Also, do you have the same clinical instructor for the length of the program? What exactly is a "specialty unit" and do most ABSN programs not allow students to choose their specialty unit? That doesn't seem fair.
    Also, what you mention about the prereqs at Rutgers seems correct to me, there are a lot of them lol. I am hoping having completed them all will work to my advantage in applying as I doubt many people will get them all done especially since other schools are not as rigorous in their prereqs.
  8. by   iPink
    As far as prerequisite requirements at Rutgers, please don't think many people, especially those Bio/premed students haven't already completed their prerequisites for the school. All of these ABSN programs have a ton of applicants desiring a seat in their program of choice. You are one of possibly 300-500 applicants.

    Now back to UMDNJ...You are given different clinical instructors at each level. You are allow to trade clinical sites with your classmates who are willing to trade with you. Some clinical instructors teaches different levels, so yes there is a possibility some get the same instructor when you move on at each level.

    Examples of specialty units are Oncology, Trauma, ICU, etc. I can't speak for all ABSN programs, because my eye was set on one program and laid all my eggs in one basket and got in. We also get the opportunity to rotate to Cardiac, endoscopy, ER, ICU. Other specialties depend on your clinical instructor.
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  9. by   quannie74
    I am not to familiar with the nursing programs such as ABSN, ADN, and etc. I am in my last semester and I want to attend a good nursing program. Could I attend UMDNJ you think? what are the qualifications? Do you have to be a LPN? I want to go into a RN program.
  10. by   chiasmus100
    From what I could tell it seems like people graduate from college and then apply to ABSN programs a few years later. Therefore, I doubt an RU student/alum would happen to have completed rutgers exhaustive list of prereqs without specifically intending to do so. Also, it seems a lot of Bio/premed students apply to nursing school because they don't have very high GPAs to be competitive for medical school so I don't think there will be many 3.5 and above biology majors applying (because those people would be applying to medical school, no?)

    Also, what you describe as a "specialty unit" seems to be a clinical rotation?
  11. by   iPink
    @quannie74. I don't know what GPA you're graduating with, but make sure it's the minimum of 3.0 and do well on the prerequisites. Information regarding their ABSN program: UMDNJ-School of Nursing - Accelerated BSN program overview. UMDNJ also has a part-time BSN program, which many people who are in the program love. They are able to work full-time and not drown in school work.

    You don't need to have any nursing experience to be accepted; it doesn't help at all. If you want to go into an RN program, then start looking at all different programs of interest and weigh the pros and cons. I did that and chose one. Do some research.

    @chiasmus. I don't know why you think for some reason people who apply to RU's ABSN program are all RU alums?
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  12. by   chiasmus100

    Maybe because applying their requires 10 Rutgers prereqs, and I know you didn't apply there so you wouldn't know this, but a lot of those classes don't have transfer equivalents from other schools. Organic Biochemistry = 3 classes at community college.
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  13. by   quannie74
    Hi I want to know if you think I may have a chance applying at UMDNJ's BSN program I want to become a Rn. Never have I been a LPN but I am in my last semester @ Essex County College and I am looking into some nursing programs but I don't want to do the whole hassle of going for my LPN and then bridging to the RN program. Please help a sista out.
  14. by   2bEsqtoRN
    Quote from chiasmus100
    I actually am taking a class at Rutgers Newark in Spring and didn't find the area where the school is to be problematic, I was only there a few times to register for the class though. From what I could tell UMDNJ seemed to be right down the road from RU Newark.
    Absolutely not. UMDNJ is in the heart of the ghetto. At the informational session we were advised to only park in certain areas as cars are frequently stolen in broad daylight. It's in an environment where you don't hang around after classes.

    I personally found Rutgers-Newark's nursing school to be far more aesthetically pleasing. It actually felt like I was part of a campus setting with coffee shops, etc. nearby. I just felt alot safer.