A- in A&P1 at community college

  1. Is A- a bad grade? I am planning to apply to competitive ABSN programs. I don't know why I did not earn an A in this class. I worked really hard in the beginning of the semester, then after the first exam (which was a cake walk) I tapered off. So I do not think I did as strongly on the 2nd exam. Also, I was late a lot, but the teacher did not mark these as late (she always gave me attendance for that day). Other parts of our grade were labs and a class presentation. Both of these I just kind of winged it because it was community college.

    Anyway back to my original question: is A- from community college a bad grade?
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  3. by   Lee17
    No...an A- is not a bad grade at all...Although most of the professors I know will usually give you the A if you are borderline and deserve it. I suspect that even though your teacher gave you the attendance on the days you were late, it may have aggravated them enough that you did not respect the rules of the class and that is where your A- came into play. I just spoke with a friend of mine that is a tenured Prof. and that is what he told me. He told me if 2 students had the exact same grades as borderline, and 1 student applied themselves more, repected the class, was on time etc. he would bump that student to a full A but did not feel the other student deserved the same consideration....

    I question your approach to your grades because you are at a community college. Some of us are at community colleges because that is all we can afford at the time and desire an education more than anything! Others use it as a stepping stone to get and keep their grades up so thay may be accepted into competitive 4 year Universities...I feel that you are putting community colleges down and take offense to that. I also feel that your lackadaisical outlook of winging an A &P test because it was only a community college course will not get you very far in the real world, especially in the world of nursing...

    If you are only able to land a job in a less prestigious hospital if your lucky enough to get through your 4 years,are you also only going to do half baked nursing? Because after all it is only a lower rated hospital...Nursing is a profession that demands and deserves 100% commitment no matter what the circumstances may be. By approaching your education not striving to do your best because you feel the school not worthy of that is not a good way to start...

    Good luck to you...I think your going to need it.