!!!Please help!!!! lincoln tech orientation for new students

  1. Hello Everyone! I have some questions about Lincoln Tech in Paramus,NJ. I start 9/28 full time. Of course I am super excited!! Super anxious too!!!

    Here are my questions for people that have already attended or attending:

    -What should I expect for orientation and how long is it? Do I need to bring anything with me besides a notebook?

    -As for sneakers,do they have to be 100% white? I am looking into a really good pair like the Nike Shox. Most brands do not have all white...some have black bottoms,or silver or something like that.

    -What supplies do I need to purchase,besides normal stuff like pens and what not?

    -Can we get our books before orientation and how many books are we going to need at a time?

    -Do we need any books outside of what is included and what do you suggest I get?

    -How much homework will I have a day??

    -Any other good study tips and or tips for class everday??

    Thanks everyone for reading and taking the time to answer me if possible.
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  3. by   jerseygirl68
    Hi . I was just accepted into the program today . I was told there was room for me to begin on 9/28 also . Seems soo soon . Not enough time to get anything done .
  4. by   LV08
    Hi!! Congratulations!! That is awesome! We will be in class together. Are you excited for orientation? I am really psyched! I didn't get anything yet for class. I wanted to wait for tomor to go and do that but it is very close! At least we don't need the physical exam done for the first day of class. PM if you want and we can chat.
    I posted this because I am too anxious lol but I guess tomor we find everything out.
  5. by   jerseygirl68
    I still have lots of final items to complete , like funding .. and other personal things to get taken care of prior . I honestly think I am leaning towards the December class . When is the orientation ? How can I PM you so we can speak .. So much to talk about ... and alot you cannot write on here .
  6. by   LV08
    Orientation was today...there was alot of people there today. Ill PM you. : ) You go to the persons account and hit personal message.
  7. by   jerseygirl68
    Hi . How was your first day of class today ? How was the orientation ? Did you get alot of info this day ? When /Where are you able to get your supplies such as uniforms , etc.. I will start in December . I am thinking of taking the CPR class in October to get it over with . Are there specific sneakers we will need for clinicals ?
    Any info you can give to prepare myself will be greatly appreciated .

    Take care .
  8. by   Misha88
    I'm wondering if anyone took the TEAS reading and math parts only? at lincoln tech? how were they?

    I have been practicing by using this website:

    but the math is alot of geometry.

    Can you tell me how far in advance you studied?

    I signed up to take it next thurs.
  9. by   jerseygirl68
    Hi Misha

    I took the TEAS test about 2wks ago after an open house . I recieved a call the next day I passed . I was so shocked. Because a week earlier I took a test at a different school and failed miserably !!! . I think it was the testing atmosphere. At Lincoln the setting is a testing room . It is quite and with a proctor . In the other school it was a tiny room with a revolving door : people kept coming in and out . I got to the point where I could not concentrate anymore . Long story short I will be attending the December class in Paramus .

    As for the test there was only reading and math . NO GEOMETRY AT ALL .. I studied for 2 months . I also did the practice tests on the ATI website.I also have the McGraw Hill Book and the ATI teas v study guide book . I was so nervous the first time I took the test .. The second time when I took it at Lincoln i was so much more relaxed . Were you told what you need to pass ?

    What campus will you be going to ? Please feel free to contact me for anything . And the best of luck to you next week . Let me know how you did ..
  10. by   LV08
    Hey Jersey!
    Congrats! Just wanna let you know a little bit about the program...I must say, I am so happy I picked LTI!! The warmth from the other students that are quarters ahead is great!! You feel the same warmth from the staff as well. The director acts like a hard ass because it is her job, but she is very nice! I can't wait to talk one on one with her! She has been a nurse for many years !
    The first day for me was very overwhelming and it was for mostly everyone else in my class. But, we will all get used to it...theres a lot of info thrown at us. Today was a lot better stress wise lol.

    If you have time before the program starts, use it wisely, esecially CPR,and your PE form! Get your CPR done ASAP! Its like 3 hours. It is easy too. It is right at the school also. You practice on the dummies,watch a movie and take a quick written. Take notes on the movie bc you can use them on the written. That's it. You're certified. As for your PE, do that right away! The lab work is a lot and if you are not immune to some things, you need to get all the immunizations. Some are series shots so do it asap too.

    The supplies such as books are included with your tuition. If you want to get others, I wouldnt suggest it unless you really think you need it. They included those little flashcard books,a really good nursing planner,medical dictionary,NCLEX study book too. That is only quarter 1. Get a rolling back pack too. They have them at Walmart for $36. Don't waste any more money if you don't have to. I bought regular stuff like pens,pencils,paper,ect...get lots of hilighters...I already burnt one out today lol...get lots of notebooks too. Also, get a big pack of the large notecards,a one punch hole punch and large rings to hold the notecards.
    I already started using that today for A&P. Everyone has their own method of study, but I like to see it,and write it a few times. The cards to organize were like a book. I put A&P on it so I know what pile it is and went through the chapter and wrote things in order and stuff like that...it helps! A&P to me is the hardest!!!! So make those cards and take them everywhere with you!
    You get 2 pairs of scrubs, so I am going to get a few others. If you do decide to do that, make sure you buy the LTI iron on..you get docked for that if it isnt on your top. The dress code is EXTREMELY STRICT!! If you don't own white underwear, BUY THEM! You can see through our white scrub bottoms. It is not cute to see someone's panties. I saw it today...You get docked if you don't dress according to the code. Or you can get sent home and miss a whole day because of it. As for sneakers, I got a nice all white pair at Sketchers at the Bergen Mall. They are on sale so get there fast! Clinical has to be all white with no mesh fabric,no black bottoms, not even silver anything! You will get docked for that too. White socks are also a must.
    We are not allowed to wear hoodies in class....only a white scrub jacket,and that is not allowed either while class is in session. ONLY white long sleeved tee under our tops.

    I am not sure if you have ever been in the medical field or you have gone to school for that...but if you have, throw everything you know or think you know out the window! If you have no experience, you will have a lot better time. If you get used to something it is hard to break. So a fresh start and brain is very good! Say good bye to your social life because this program is no joke and it is very fast moving! Lots of reading and don't fall behind! I am behind a chapter already so I am screwed if I don't read it this weekend! I would suggest reading and doing the cards at the same time...saves a little time and you are reading and writing at the same time too!

    If you have any other questions, you know where to find me on here = ) Good luck! Hopefully, I will be moving onto quarter 2 when you enter on your first day!
  11. by   jerseygirl68

    First let me begin by saying Thanks for RESPONDING . I was actually thinking of getting a rolly backpack . I hear the books are very big and heavy . Someone gave me an idea regarding the heavy books : they went to KINKOS and had the book de-binded , so it was easy just to take just those pages on that chapter to class that you were on at that time and put them in a small binder ( $1 store ) . I thought that was a great idea . I wonder if they would allow the books to be de- binded . I don't see why not , they are ours .

    So how is the homework so far ? Is it true the first 5wks is A&P / 1&2 ? That is alot of info crammed into 5wks . I know I took both classes 6yrs ago . But they would not take my credits since they were over 5yrs ago . I was pretty bummed about that . But I look at this way alot has changed since .

    When do you begin clinicals ? Do you know what hospitals they are in ? The only info I got was classes begin 12/22 and then off 1week for the XMAS break . HUH ???? ok ... I was told I would be getting a call/ letter regarding the two orientations that I must attend a week prior to class . I really do not want to wait until a week prior to class ;if I did to purchase addtional items/supplies . I am the type of person I need to be prepared prior .

    Regarding the uniforms , are we fitted at orientation ? If I want to purchase others may I go elsewhere to purchase the scrubs ( it will most likely be cheaper to get them like in walmart ) Of course I will buy the iron -on for additioanl pairs . Ok so plain all white sneakers for clinicals .. check .. thanks .. Do we have seperate scrubs for clinicals ? like all white ? Do we need a stethescope ,penlight , scissors etc.... A family member would like to purchase a Littmann Stethescope for my birthday next month . Want to know if we need one prior .

    I did call today to reserve a spot for the CPR class for OCT 7TH . What date are you attending ? If it is this day, it would be nice to finally meet you . I am Maria just in case . I set up an appointment with my medical doctor for my physical already . I have a question regarding the malpractice form I was given . Do you apply for this online ??? or complete the form and mail it with a fee of $29 ???
    What other supplies does the school provide us with ???

    Yes I do have prior medical exp : I was in a Surgical Tech program 6yrs ago , and two months before graduating I had to leave due to personal reasons . Was pretty sad .. I originally come from the Finance world . After 20yrs with the same company I was laid off in March . So I stood up and said this is the right time to go back to school . My son is a bit older now . And unemployment provided funding for me to attend school . I will never get this chance again . I also spent alot of time in hospitals taking care of two sick parents over the past 10yrs . I have a dad in a nursing home with Alzheimers . So this is right where I need to be .

    I will be going shopping this weekend for my long sleeve white T-shirts . Any special brand? And the white under garments ... LOL !!! So sad that someone actually thought you would not see through the "white pants "

    What type of flashcards should I buy ? For classes can we wear any type of sneaker ? I will purchase all white sneakers that I will keep in the box in my trunk for clinical days . I do not want to wear those sneakers at home after being in the hospitalall day ( germs ) . I was told clorox wipes helps, keeping them clean . That will stay in the trunk as well. I was thinking of a seperate bag just for clinicals . In the school, is there any place to store your lunch( refrigerator ) and is there someplace to keep our coats ? Is there a microwave ?

    Does your hair need to be up even in classes ? I know it most likely has to be up for clinicals .

    How are the teachers so far ? How often are the tests given ? Do you have a seperate notebook for each class? if so how many classes are there ? how is the school on the attendance policy ?

    I am sorry that I overwhelmed you with al my BLAH.BLAH.BLAH . I just want to be prepared .. I think I got it all covered for now .. LOL . I am sure I will forget something or think of something after I hit send ...

    Talk to you real soon . Best of luck ...
  12. by   tnbutterfly
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  13. by   LV08
    Hi. My name is Lori. You're very welcome!!! I wish someone had responded to me lol!!
    There is a big variety of students. Some, well most are wait listed, some have no experience at all and come from different back rounds like yourself,some like us have experience and want to keep going. It is for our benefit in a way because we know some classes like A&P and it will be a breeze. For me, it was the most difficult class so I am paying close attention and taking lots of notes and making tons of cards!
    I am sort of in the same boat as you. I got help from unemployment but I fought! Take a look at my other posts lol. I just turned 30 and the dead end jobs as an MA were not getting me anywhere. I want more! I wanted to be a nurse for a very long time, but was afraid to do it, or was worried about doing this while working. I also will never get this chance again to focus fully on this program. I am sorry to hear you didn't make it through med surg, but you are giving yourself another chance!
    I am also sorry to hear about your sick parents. I took care or my grandmother when she was sick with Dementia and Alzheimers. I am worried about that clinical because nursing homes are really hard for me to deal with emotionally. But I know that I will have some help from other students and our clinical professor getting through it. The hardest thing for me to learn how to do is to not get emotionally attached to patients. But I guess it will get easier as it goes on...

    I know the stress you feel about being prepared too. I felt the same way! I am and have to be very organized! I made a print out list of things I will need. It helps when you go and get everything. I bought the 300 pack of the big cards at Staples for 7 bucks...I suggest different notebooks for every class. I started out with the five star flex. I really like it because it is like a binder too and customizable. They are a little pricey but worth it to me! I bought a big binder and dividers for handouts that we won't need later on but I keep it at home. Also buy some folders for each class too. I do have a post here about the supplies. http://allnurses.com/pre-nursing-stu...pn-598677.html That list is pretty much what you will need. I suggest getting the basic stuff for first quarter first...especially if you are on a budget like me! Coupons are very important. I know post it site has some coupons listed and they saved me a lot of money! Staples has coupons as well so sign up for the email list! I also have my own scope...but they are provided to us when we do our practice clinical in school. If you can get that brand def do it! It's the best kind! I think getting a sep bag for clinical is a great idea!! I am def going to do that...I didn't even think of it, actually!

    As for the white sneakers, I am wearing them in class and might get a sep pair for clinical. I would rather just wear what is expected of us then make a mistake and get docked for it. One girl was wearing RED sneakers...I dont understand how hard it is to follow directions lol. But I am not there to worry about others...No specific brand for the white long sleeved shirts...any will do. Target has them and so does Old Navy. I am guessing for clinical we have to wear our hair up...but in school you can wear it any way you want to.
    I took CPR already. It was quick and easy. I did not do my malpractice thingy yet but I guess you can just mail it in or give it to your advisor..We just need everything like that done before first clinical.
    Orientation is a little rough bc we are being given so much info. On day 2 pay attention to the schedule of classes they give you. It is all broken down for us. I wanted mine to be earlier too, but they have it set up so that your class is together and you can meet your classmates too. Our group was split up bc there was so many of us. I like my teacher a lot for A&P and med term, and the teacher for professional awareness is very nice too! There are a lot of tests! At least one a week. So def keep on top of all assignments and reading. Time management is a must! It was hard for me in the beginning, and this was not my first full week. This coming week will be. By day 3 I felt more comfortable with everything. If you get overwhelmed like me, I suggest making a list on the weekend of goals that you want to complete. When I crossed off that first goal it felt really good!!! I listen to music with no words in the back round...it kinda helps me focus better.
    That is a good idea to get the books debinded...but I would rather have the whole book in front of me. The rolling backpack is great! You can always keeps stuff in your car that you don't need too. One girl ripped out the pages and used a hole punch and binder. Too many loose pages make me overwhelmed...so it depends on what you would want to do for that. I don't see why they would say you can't debind them. They are ours. One student was nice enough to leave her book in the library for us to copy her study guides.
    We only take A&P the 1st quarter. But it is a combo..Med Term is included with this class too. But we get the book for that and this really good flashcard notebook thing. I was actually going to purchase it myself. I am glad I didn't!
    School attendance is no joke either! If you accumulate 5 minutes a day of being late, it adds up and the teachers know! If you have an emergency goin on let the teachers know first thing. I don't even look at my cellphone and it is on silent all day. I get distracted easily. Save all your days that you can have off for sickness or emergencies or if you can't make it in for whatever reason...I think we only get like 35 days...There is no place for us to store our lunches because there are too many of us. I did not get myself a lunch bag yet, but I am planning on it. Our lunch is from 12-12:30 and we have been getting out at 11:30 but I suggest bringing your own,especially if you dont get out early. By the time you get down to the mall and wait on the line, it is like 12:15 or later not leaving you much time to eat. You are going to Paramus right?
    If you are, there is whole foods which is temping bc the food is delish! But it is costly if you do it everyday. I got a soup and salad and it was 12 bucks without a drink! You can get 2 bags of spinich for a lot less lol. We get a discount at Subway, but that is all I know of...There is hangers in class for our jackets, but I do not know of anything else.

    Again, if you have any other questions, please message me or answer me on here. I am here to help you and other people too that probably have the same questiions. You did not overwhelm me at all because I know how you feel!
    Good Luck with getting everything this weekend!!
    Talk to you soon!
  14. by   LV08
    Oh yea and Yes there is a microwave for us in the student caf...kinda wish it was bigger though...bc theres no where else to eat if you cant find a seat. They are very strict about eating and drinking in class too. You will get into trouble if they spot you even a water bottle isn't allowed! So keep it in your bag lol.

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