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This is the most stressful thing I've ever done!! I've applied to the ASN Program at Rivier and NHCTC/Nashua for Fall 2007. I took the NLN in November and got a 116 Composite, which was good enough to apply to NHCTC, but I got... Read More

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    Thanks so much for your response, it gives me more hope that I will get in based on my NLN scores! Were your A&P courses in the summer shorter and more often or did you take both A&P 1 and 2 at the same time over the whole summer? I'm just wondering because I would like to be able to see my husband during the summer and the breaks, but if it was a condensed version I might still be able to do both. I guess I will have to try to take at least one other class this fall if I get in, but then we'll see how that goes. I don't want to completely overwhelm myself!

    How are you liking the Stratham campus? Manchester and Stratham are about the same distance for me so I haven't figured out where I would go if I was accepted to both. Concord is a little further, but not too bad. I just want a place to go in the fall, but I have been trying to figure out what school would be best for me if I had the option. Any thoughts or have you heard anything positive or negative about the various campuses? Are clinicals usually close to the Stratham area?
    Sorry for all the questions, just happy to have someone that might give me some insight!!

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    How far into the Laconia program were you? Just one semester? Do you have a lot of previous coursework that will transfer into Rivier for your BSN, is that why it will only take 2 years? That's great that the fourth year coursework is mostly online.
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    Roxxy- I did take a bunch of extra courses that will transfer in. I have 77 credits already. When I was working on prereqs for Laconia I enrolled full-time as a Liberal arts major so I could get scholarships and aid. I completed all the gen ed and science, etc. classes needed to graduate except the nursing classes and Micro, which I am planning on taking this summer. I also took some classes that were relevant to nursing but not needed- medical terminology, law & ethics for the medical professional (tranfers as bioethics), and some computer courses and other gen eds.

    I will be completing the first year- 29 more class/clinical days left and have nsg 101, 102, 103, 104 done. I'll still have a couple odd courses to take like religion and I think Philosophy & Biostatistics for prior years but will be taking Mental Health this spring and be well on my way. I am sooo excited!

    I spoke to a few other Bachelors colleges and one would not even look at a transfer student, one would not allow more than half the credits to transfer in, another would not accept somebody elses nursing credits unless you had a lower degree (associates, diploma), and I think one was balking about Laconia not being nationally accredited.
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    I'll try to answer your questions on Stratham. The answers may apply for Manchester as well because the two programs just split a year ago. Until then you could move back and forth without a transfer application, but they are now two distinct programs. I don't know much about the other programs around here.

    A&P I&II took the whole summer. We started the last week of May and finished around the second or third week of August. It was intense. The summer program is taught by a professor with a fierce reputation. He's a little bit 'old-school', but I feel like I really learned the material, so I'm not going to knock him. The class met 3 times a week, from 8:00 - 1:15. This time included both lecture and lab. As I recall it basically worked out to be a test every two weeks and they were tough. I'm glad I did it. The program requires you to get at least a 'C' in A&P I&II concurrent with (or prior to) Nursing I&II. If you don't get the 'C' then you can't continue on with Nursing. Then you have to wait a year for the right class to come along before you can re-enter, and then you are dependent on a space being open. That's another reason I liked having it out of the way. I didn't need that stress.

    The clinicals have mostly been close to Stratham. Dover, Portsmouth, Exeter, and Brentwood. The only locations far away have been for the psych rotation. Some students ended up an hour away. But you only do psych for a half-semester, so that shouldn't be too big a problem for most.

    I'll give my opinion of the program, but of course it is biased and I'm naive about the competition. The faculty in Stratham is very dedicated and involved in our development. Most of the teachers are very good. There are a few who are less dynamic. The clinical sites that I've been to have been excellent; they welcome students and go out of their way to provide interesting opportunities. I think that I've been fortunate; I'm not sure that all of the clinical sites (particularly first semester extended care facilities) have been too exciting for everyone. Then again, students who are already LNAs have already 'been there, done that', and may be bored stiff with the first semester clinical.

    Outside of the nursing program things are a little different. Stratham is definitely a 'junior' college. If you are smart enough to get into the nursing program, you'll feel like a rocket scientist in the GenEd classes. Test out of as many as you can! Do it for your sanity!

    Finally, it is my understanding that the Stratham program has a 100% pass rate on the board tests for graduates in the past two years. I think that demonstrates that the program is focusing on the right subjects and presenting it clearly. Some people might judge that they are teaching to the test, but I personally feel like that's appropriate in a field where you need to be licensed.

    My experience in Stratham has been a positive one. I'd recommend it to my friends.

    I hope this helps. And remember, 'your mileage may vary.'

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