What are the steps to getting into GBCC? - page 2

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I'm a junior in high school, I want to go to Great bay community college and get into their nursing program. I was wondering what the requirements there is for getting into that school and what steps I must take to get in. is... Read More

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    If it's not too late for you to take those classes then yes, because they do transfer for credit So if you take your anatomy over at school it should transfer as a transfer credit.And you will be one class closer. Also see if any of the core classes, such as college comp can be taken at your school too
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    I think I could take two running start classes next year (Might be a little stressful though but I will deal with it!) What classes should I take? . I also have to talk to my teacher about taking chemistry because I have not taken that yet. Thank you again for all your help