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  1. I'm thinking of commuting to NH to work from ME. I'm wondering what the wages are like there, particularly in Manchester in the hospitals. 11 years experience doing a variety of things within nursing. Please and thank you.
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  3. by   niko1999 RN BSN
    As with everything, it depends on if you have specialities or not. I know here a specialty will add on a few bucks pay. No idea what you would make now, (I will not have my RN till next year) but I do know when my mother was a trauma nurse at Dartmouth 10 years ago, she was making upwards of 35-40 an hour
  4. by   vjgersty
    Thanks, that's actually helps a lot. Nurses in Maine, esp. in central Maine, don't make much. I do have some OR experience but it's been a while. Sounds like it would be worth commuting if I could find something suitable. Thanks again for your response.
  5. by   ERnewbieRN
    When I started work in NH in 2007, I was making $20.50/hr + $5.00/hr differential for nights. I have a BSN and had no experience at the time. I now live in CA so I can't comment on the current situation, but I do believe that your wage depends largely on the hospital where you work... I know other new grads at other hospitals in southern NH were making a few dollars an hour more, but usually did not receive as much for differential. Experienced nurses at the hospital where I worked didn't make a whole lot more than I did as a new grad.

    Good luck, hope this helps!
  6. by   hughkona
    I have 8 years experience.

    Per diem at SNHMC: $29
    RN at CMC: $34

    This is before any differentials. Hope that helps! Neither are union so I am not sure what the pay is for other specialties or for more or less experience.

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