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Hi!!! I am very interested in applying to UNH's Direct Entry Master's of Nursing Program. I have seen a few older threads discussing this program, and was wondering if any current students or graduates from this program could... Read More

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    Not yet! I have been checking every time I sit down at the computer, I am so anxious to hear back! What is your plan if you don't get in this year?

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    Hi all,

    I had my interview two weeks ago and I found out yesterday by e-mail that I am accepted!!! I wish you all the best of luck! Please let me know if you get accepted I would love to chat with anyone else also starting in JAN! I am so thankful to god, my family and all my friends for supporting me. I think I am still in shock and on cloud 9 =)

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    When was your interview? They notified you by email regarding your acceptance. I hope it is not a bad sign that I have not heard either way....
    Congrats again that must feel so great!
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    I have not heard either... starting to think it's not my year. :\
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    I wouldnt worry yet. There could be many reasons why they have not contacted us yet. They told me I could hear back in two weeks or as late as the end of October. I might call the secretary of the department on monday however, just to see where they stand in their decision making. Hang in there!
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    I graduated last December from the DEMN program. I believe that when I was accepted, I found out on Halloween of 2008. Why that day stands out to me...I really dont know. Perhaps it was because October 2008 was a big month for me. Got married, honeymooned (also when I got called for an interview!) and accepted all in the matter of a few short weeks of one another. :-P

    So give it til the end of the month/early Nov. Good luck!!
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    Anyone else heard back from the UNH DEMN program? It has been another week and I have not heard anything. My status changed to "Waiting for final gran review" but nothing else...I'm so anxious to hear!
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    I haven't heard anything either. I'm getting a little nervous... I noticed that the application status changed for me as well. I just tried to call the Admissions office but they are closed. I wonder if they admit people in batches, and that way if people decide not to go they go back and admit more applicants? Well, no sense worrying about (although much easier said than done!). Congrats to you who got in!
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    I believe they accept people in batches like maybe they told 10 when they told me, I had until the 21st to accept my acceptance so anyone who said no I am sure this week they go and accept another 10 people or so. Good Luck! I was really shocked I found out so quickly! My interview was on October 1st and I found out on 12th. Keep the faith! I am praying for you all that it works out!
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    Hi all!

    I too was apprehensive about not receiving my acceptance right away, however I just received an email that I was also accepted!! I am very excited! This was the only program I applied to, so I was on edge waiting to hear! Congrats to all of you who are already accepted, and for those who haven't heard yet I'll be keeping my fingers crossed. But don't worry, seems as though they are sending out decisions in batches. Keep us posted!


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