UNH Direct Entry

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    Anyone know about/have experience with UNH's direct entry program?

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    I'm a student in the program. What are you interested in knowing?

    Also, there will be an info session at UNH on the 8th at 6:30 and a few of my classmates will be there to talk about their experience. If you can make it that would be a good resource as I know they've changed some of their admission requirements since I applied last year.
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    Are you in the first class? What's your general impression of the program? Your clinicals?

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    I'm actually in the 4th cohort, just started this January. I believe the first class graduated last May. They did change the curriculum starting with my class, though, which has streamlined the program quite a bit. It's definitely challenging, but I'm enjoying it so far. My classmates bring diverse experiences and the professors are engaging and excited to teach us. Since I'm only in my first semester I've only had experience with one clinical site, but it's been a positive experience overall.
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    I am in the 3rd cohort and finishing up this fall. Overall I feel this program has been excellent. The instructors are top notch and the many, varied clinical experiences exceeded my expectations.

    What you do need to prepare for is a non-stop curriculum for about 1.5 years. Unlike traditional programs, this program runs continuously and can be very challenging as it felt I was working on my coursework 8-12 hours per day, 7 days a week. I stayed in the full-time program and did not work. I cannot imagine working and completing this program full-time. Like so many things, what you put into your educational experience determines how much you will get out of it.

    There was a lot of writing and research as part of the program the second year. Good writing skills are essential in this program along with careful time management, otherwise it is easy to fall behind with assignments.

    I had actually transferred from an associates program once I was accepted at UNH. For me and the direction I hope to take in nursing, I am really glad I went this route.
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    For those of you currently enrolled in the UNH Direct Entry program ... was everyone who was accepted called in for an interview?

    Thank you for any insight.
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    Quote from ddb19
    For those of you currently enrolled in the UNH Direct Entry program ... was everyone who was accepted called in for an interview?

    Thank you for any insight.
    Yes, an interview was a required part of the admission process. I'm pretty sure I received the invitation right around this time last year. Hope this helps.
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    Thank you for such a quick response. I have been checking my status daily and haven't heard a thing yet. I was worried that no news is not a good sign this late in the application process.

    Thank you again -- hope to see you there in January!

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    Has anyone worked while in the UNH directy entry program? I don't see any way I could do the program without having some income my way. Any thoughts?
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    I have not worked during this program, but some students in my class have been able to hold down part-time jobs (around 10 hrs/wk). I think that is about the max you would want to do and you would want to do something that offers a flexible schedule. At the end of the second spring you will be sitting for the NCLEX and the course schedule goes down to part-time,so you will be able to work at that point.

    There is an open house coming up on May 13th that I would recommend you attend, if you are able. They will answer a lot of questions about the program there and current students will be there to share their experiences.

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