St. Joseph Nashua Teas exam - page 2

I will be taking the Teas 3.0/4.0 this coming Monday in Nashua. Can anyone give any insight into the following: is the exam done on the computer or "color the dot"? How long did it take to hear back on the results AND/OR... Read More

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    Hi all,

    I recently took the TEAS exam at St. Joseph's School and was very surprised to find out that they do not let you see your test results. I think I failed, but I am not 100% sure. Did any of you think you failed and actually passed? The only sections I am worried about are the math and science sections. When I emailed the admissions person, she stated that I should be hearing from them in about 2 weeks. Would they still review my application even if I didn't pass the TEAS? Also, how long does it take to hear if you were accepted or denied?


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