Rivier University vs Nashua Community College

  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm relatively new to the southern New Hampshire area and I applied to Rivier University's ASN evening program, Nashua Community College's ASN program, and Manchester Community College's nursing program- all to start fall 2013.

    I've been accepted into Rivier and just found out today that I've also been offered a seat in Nashua CC's program, as well. (no news from MCC). I'm SUPER EXCITED and am very proud of myself, especially because I know how competitive it is to get into any nursing program.

    The dilemma I am facing now is that I have to choose which program is best suited for me. I have student loans that I'm paying off from my bachelors degree and I really don't want to rack up any more student loan debt, which makes NCC a very attractive choice. In terms of Riv I'm looking at $17,000 already in tuition fee's without books, scrubs, gas for driving to clinicals, lab fees, liability insurance, the list goes on- and this is for one year. However, I have had such a great experience with Riv's Professional Studies department, I really have to applaud them for taking a genuine approach to my educational goals, especially for the long term- I plan to complete studies for my MSN one day.

    My question is, if there is a better program out of the two, which one is it? And which graduates, Riv or NCC, are more likely to be hired upon graduation. I've heard good things about both schools but more good things about Riv than NCC.

    I've searched and read through past posts and comments on this site which also lead to both programs being more than adequate. I just want to know what healthcare professionals in this area, who work with nursing students in the clinicals, think and who they believe is better prepared- a Riv grad or an NCC grad. I've looked at both schools NCLEX 2012 pass rates, and I don't find them to be a definitive factor in the bigger picture, but also can't be ruled out. NCC had NCLEX pass rates of 100 in 2010 and 2011, but for 2012 had a pass rate of 93.75. Riv had NCLEX pass rates of 79.17 in 2010, 87.22 in 2011, and 91.94 for 2012.

    Any and all advice/ feedback would be much appreciated! For those of you reading who are still waiting, believe and you will receive and never give up on your dreams of becoming a nurse...it will happen :-)
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  3. by   LDCM
    I don't think the school plays a huge role in hiring rates...that's my personal opinion. I work with nurses that attended all different schools. However, I have heard Riv has a quality program and I wish I went there instead. If you're planning on completing MSN, there would be a huge benefit to staying in one place for your education. Less of a headache searching for the right school that will accept all your classes. Good luck to you.