Rivier ASN Evening Program - Fall 2012

  1. Hello everyone!

    I have been accepted to the Rivier College Evening ASN program, starting this Fall 2012 [I'm actually registering for NSG 101 today]. I was wondering if anyone [in either day or evening ASN programs] had any advice concerning what I can expect for the first year, financial aid/scholarship stories, what I should be doing over the summer to prepare, etc.

    I am just finishing up my pre-reqs at Nashua Community College and although I have a 4.0 there, I'm a little concerned about the transition to clinicals. I'm planning on spending the summer reviewing A+P and Micro, as well as possibly getting a second job [I work full time, hence the evening program, hopefully weekend clinicals] to save up some extra cash. Also, does anyone have a good recommendation for comfy shoes?

    If anyone could provide any advice on their experience in the program, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you!
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  3. by   NewHampshireRN
    A lot of ppl like the Danskos as comfy shoes. They have to be white. You should be able to get weekend clinical, no problem. ONe thing about weekend clinnical which is a pain is you stay with the same people every semester for the entire program so people's annoying habits get really annoying towards the end. Financial aid. Supposedly Rivier has 90% of its students on financial aid but that seems to be more the day students than the evening ones. The college assumes that if you are working, you can pay the bill. I have found financial aid difficult to work with and some of the people have been downright rude. I think your best bet is work related reimbursement or applying for outside scholarships. Some of the equipment they have you buy for clinicals never gets used, which is unfortunate as you have to pay hard earned money for it. As far as 101 goes, print the notes in advance and take notes on those pages. Use them for tests. Youll have to pass some basic skills challenges like inserting a naso-gastric tube, but hardly anyone had to actually do them. the weekend clinical instructor is really structured and organized so you should feel really comfortable. Reviewing A & P and Micro probably isn't going to help much as your focus is really going to be care of the patient...things like care plans...things tro do to make the patients comfortable. As long as you review the teacher notes and use them as the basis of your study, you should do well. Head to Toe assessment is hard at first and I would definitely go to the extra study hours. Hope that helps.
  4. by   KarenAMF
    I just accepted my enrollment for the fall evening program at Rivier as well.

    I am slightly confused about the evening vs. weekend clinicals though. The woman in admissions indicated that I wouldn't have to do any weekend clinicals as an evening student. Does this mean we are able to choose which clinical group we are in?

    I have an appt to meet with my advisor next week so I'm sure she'll be able to answer this question, but I'm just trying to figure as much out as possible in advance of our meeting!

    Thank you,