Portsmouth, NH Per diem rates and opportunites

  1. My husband and I are looking to relocate to the Portsmouth, NH area and are trying to get an idea of pay rates and hospital cultures. My husband will be graduating with his MSN in Families and I am a per diem nurse who has worked in cardiac, stepdown, surgical and ICU areas of hospitals in NYC, SF, FL, and CO. We've looked at Exeter Hospital and Porstmouth Regional. Any information to the following questions would be GREATLY appreciated.

    1. Pay rate for per diem nurses
    2. Yearly salary for Nurse Practioners in Family and Acute Care settings
    3. Likes and dislikes of hospitals. Do you enjoy working at your current hospital
    4. Other hospitals in the area to consider. Also,
    5. Culture and enviornment of hospitals(i.e. mangaement relationship with staff, nursing autonomy, education).

    ANY INFO PLEASE. Much appreciated and Happy New Year.
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  3. by   kaypaxxx
    I live in Portsmouth and I work at Exeter hospital, has the lowest pay rates in the area
    new grads are started off at $22/hr, $2 differential for per diems
    NP's about $70K - rates based on 2010
    Patient load is a max of 5
    Good working environment and conditions even though the pay sucks
  4. by   juliagulia1
    YIKES! Big difference from what we make now. I have 10 years of experience, but have just started my family and would like to continue working per diem. Would the pay be higher for that amount of experience or do all per diems make the same $24/hr? If I decided to go back full time do you know if they have day shifts available or do you have to work nights for a long period of time?

    Do you have any thoughts on Portsmouth Reginoal? It seems that people who work at Exeter are happy with the hospital. I heard about how they stood up to Anthem. GOOD FOR THEM! Somewhat inspiring!

    Thanks for responding to my post. It's much appreciated.
  5. by   sedietsch
    I work at Wentworth Douglass in Dover, NH (10 minutes from Portsmouth), with your experience, the pay would be closer to $30/hr on days, $37/hr on nights for per diem, reg pay is $2/hr less. I really like it here, great work environment, max 5 patients/nurse. Not for profit hospital versus Portsmouth which is owned by HCA. Would reccomend WDH over Ports.