MCC admission fall 2014

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    Hello everyone,
    I applied to Manchester Community College for the Fall 2014 and after a long wait, I finally received a letter of acceptance today, and I'm on the waitlist number 26!

    My questions are:
    1. What are my chances of getting into the program for being #26?
    2. How many students are accepted each year in the program?
    3. How many students are in the waitlist?
    4. How quick the waitlist gonna move up?
    5. If anyone has experienced the same thing as me, how long you waited on the waiting list?

    thank you!

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    I applied and am on the waiting list too! I was wondering the same questions as well. I am debating emailing them and asking the questions but I am curious to see if anyone with a similar experience will respond!
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    Hi there, I am on the waiting list as well. The letter says we can contact her after April 14th to find out where we stand. From what I remember at the info session, there are 64 that get in and approximately 35 that get wait listed. Last year they were able to take everyone off the wait list. At least that's how I remember it. We will see. Good luck to you both.
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    That makes me feel better! When I went to an info session, it was probably around this time last year so I didn't remember what was said about the waiting list. The anticipation is killing me! I just want to know lol. Good luck to you too
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    What number on the list are you? I'm 17. I haven't heard anything but will let you know if I get a call. Stay positive!
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    I'm number 13! I haven't heard anything yet but if will let you know too if I hear anything! I didnt know we would get a call though, that makes me feel a bit better. April 15th can't come soon enough!
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    I don't know if it's a phone call. Sorry, I just assumed it would be at this point. Look forward to hearing either way.
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    That's alright, I figured they would notify us some how. I looked at the past threads regarding the waiting list and it seemed like they called or talked to them in someway to let them know. Only one more week to email and see where the list may be!
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    I got accepted right away at my first choice; great bay. Thank God, because I don't feel like traveling all the way to Manchester. I will email Jacque to let her know I've been accepted in another college. Good luck guys!
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    That's great vigalz11! I emailed her today and moved to #3! So close but so far, she said she has a few calls and emails to follow up with so she'd get back to me soon. Have you heard anything yet lthed627?

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