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  1. I have posted on here before, but I am still looking for some answers. I am currently a student, and have applied to GBCC, NHCTC-Manchester, and NHCTC-Concord for nursing programs next year. I have taken all of my pre-reqs expect for the new Topics in Math course, Intro to Pysch, and Mirco and will be re-taking the nln in Jan. I pre-planning of the possibility of me not getting into any of the nursing programs I have been thinking about my other options. I know that it is possible to get my LNA at the Red Cross etc. And then move onto a LPN program such as the one in Manch. What are the possibilities for me to get from LPN to RN? What are the programs? And if I move on that road, would it still be possible for me to get my BNS? I don't have a previous degree of any kind but would like to eventually get there. Does anyone know how to do?
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  3. by   slong589
    ok. so after reading many posts, i think i might have mis-understood what a bsn actually is. though i am still confused. i want to eventually get a bachlor's in nursing. to maybe to speciality nursing (peds, l&d ?) or maybe teach. how will i get to those goals?
  4. by   Jilly1234
    At NHCTC-Manchester, they offer a 2 year RN program. After the 3rd semester if you pass, you are eligible to take the exam for LPN, then after another semester you can get your RN. If I were wanting to become an RN, I would go that route.

    After you get your RN, you can apply to schools such as UNH or Rivier and go through the RN to BSN program. I know many of the classes are offered online...or so I am told.
  5. by   niko1999 RN BSN
    I don't know about Manch, think its the same, but I know GBCC has a matriculation agreement with UNH, as well as Franklin Pierce for your BSN, you just have to fill out an intent to continue form. If you do get into one of the programs, after your first semester you can apply for your LNA license, then after your third(as already stated) you can apply for your LPN, then you take your NXCLEX RN after you graduate. I personally am applying for my LPN after my 3rd semester, just to be on the safe side(in case anything unforseen happens), b/c it is a lot easier to get an RN from an LPN than just going for it straight up. Don't know if you have to take the exam for your LPN as well, or if you just apply for it like the LNA
  6. by   Jilly1234
    Yeah, I think you pretty much have to take the NCLEX-PN exam in order to get your LPN. Manchester Community College also has that agreement thing with UNH and Franklin Pierce...basically, as long as you pass the NCLEX-RN, you are automatically accepted into their BSN program. Does anyone happen to know how long that will take to complete??
  7. by   niko1999 RN BSN
    One year if you have a previous(or a butt ton of credits) bachelors degree, depending on how much you have to transfer in, so depends on gen eds you have done. And I read the school website for GBCC, and it said apply for LPN. Im so confused lol