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  1. 0 So on the bright side of things, I got my letter today. The crappy part? I got waitlisted. Number 8. Wonder when I can start calling to find out where I am? Probably two weeks I guess. Good thing I sent my money to Manchester to hold my spot
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    Which school wait listed you?
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    I was #7 on the waitlist and got a spot within about 2 weeks. I think you'll get a spot. Good luck!
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    Off the waitlist and was offered a spot today!!! So I will be giving up my spot to the next Manchester person.
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    yay niko1999, congrats! i was offered a spot to great bay today too. looks like we'll be going to school together this fall!
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    That is awesome! I think we already had A&P together at Pease this last fall too......
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    Congrats Niko and knittedmittens! It's going to fly by!!
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    Well, I am in! Got off the waitlist the day after the cut off for the deposits, so off I go! Guess I will see you in the fall knittedmittens!