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Has anyone applied to Holy Name Hospital RN program for 2010? I took the teas March 27th and am still waiting for my results.... Read More

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    Thank you very much peanut 901! Aha, so we can wear sneakers? I wasn't sure, I've been going through all the paperwork and wasn't sure if white "shoes" meant no sneakers. I happen to own all white sneakers that I bought for my wedding and I never knew what to do with them afterwards, now they have a second purpose.
    I think I am going to do uniforms this week. I have just started looking into stethoscopes and I'm overwhelmed by the choices. The Classic II and the Master Classic II seem like good quality with mid-range pricing. Where would you purchase yours?
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    I purchased mine at a nursing store on Route 4 East. (I forget the name of the store but I can look it up on the
    receipt) I purchased a Littmann.
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    I just finished ordering my uniforms and I purchased all white sneakers there. I am going to order my stethoscope at allheart.com they seem to be better priced.. I was looking at both those littmanns.. Ugh so many choices. Im going today to HNH to drop off my summer tuition and im going to ask them if they have suggestions on which stethoscope.. I'll let you know.. The three of us should plan to meet and go to orientation together
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    How long did they say the uniforms would take?
    I've been researching the Littmann's and that seems like its perfect for our purposes. Getting it engraved? I saw that on medisave.net they do free laser engraving. I'm going to check amazon and ebay too.
    I'm sorry if you said before, but do you mind sharing where you live peanut901? Sounds like the 3 of us are in the same area.
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    They told me the uniforms would take a couple weeks... When I stopped by the school the women I spoke to didnt know about stethoscopes but I'm def getting a littmann and it engraved! I heard they disappear often lol
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    I heard about scopes disappearing too, I'm hoping its more accidental! I can't imagine that adults in such a professional setting would deliberately steal from one another!! Lol
    Do you know what you're getting engraved, initials or full name or a combo?
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    Yea I know I cant imagine anybody stealing them, but thats what I hear so Im just getting it engraved to be safe. I was just going to get my initials. And since you told me medisave is free engraving i am going to order from them because allheart charges $15
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    Do a search for coupon codes for them, I saw on some older threads they have been available. Every little bit helps, right?
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    Hi Guys! I live in River Edge. I got my engraved with my initals (middle too). The medical forms say they are due on the 15th so I think I'm going to drive them over tomorrow because it will be too late to send everything. I also need to order my scrubs so maybe I'll do that tomorrow as well..busy busy!!
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    I didn't know the medical forms are due the 15th... I totally forgot to bring them today but didnt think it mattered.. Guess I have to make another trip.. Ugh
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    Its not a concrete date for the forms. I asked when I called this morning. The Mantoux takes 2 weeks!! I started to panic but she said at this point ASAP!
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    Ok great. I was trying to rush to get everything together but I'll just try to get them in by the end of the week (even though it will be after June 15th). We all need to really enjoy the summer because we will have no lives when school starts
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    Just to clarify, when I spoke to them about my situation they said its not a deadline since it would not be possible for me to make it. I don't want to mess you up, in case that's not true across the board.
    Have you both met with financial aid or not yet?

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