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Has anyone applied to Holy Name Hospital RN program for 2010? I took the teas March 27th and am still waiting for my results.... Read More

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    Ok thanks. I think I'll go tomorrow just incase then! Yes, I met with them. The lady I met with was SO SO helpful and nice. They break down for you options to help you pay for tuition (loans, grants if FAFSA offers them). It's all an estimate but very helpful.
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    Do either of you need to take the CPR course? I have to find one to attend.
    Peanut901, did you do your uniforms today? Think I'll go next week, I feel like I need to wade through all the health paperwork and make sure I'm not skipping anything!
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    I went today to get fitted. It's really simple because you have to get a certain top and bottom so all you really need to do is try it on and pay. I'm still unsure if we can have white sneakers or not. The shoes at the place were expensive so if I need to buy shoes, I'd rather sneakers haha. I signed up for a CPR course in July. It's in Wayne which isn't so close but it was cheap and short.
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    I was on the website LessStress that they recommended and they're all the same cost- $80.00 and 4-1/2 hours. I'll look on the AHA website for other options. HN has one there on July 10 so that's a backup!
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    This is the site I'm going through. I have a certification though so I'm just getting recertified.
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    Gotcha, thank you , I'll check it out.
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    I was going to go to the red cross in ridgewood June 26 it's a Sunday from 9-5 $90 I just need to register for it.. I was looking for one in July but couldnt find any
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    tmhart- here's where I saw the course at HN:
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    Thanks soo much! I think I'll go there instead I'll prob do the July one
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    We're all on point with everything haha
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    LOL, we need to establish our student support system before we even walk in the doors there! I think I'm doing the June one as well.
    I'm so close to being able to PM. I wanted to ask about and offer more details about myself but I'd rather keep it private, you know?
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    Yes I know what you mean. I like our little support system
    already! I don't think I can PM.. I can give you both my email if you want to email instead
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    I just PM'd you both with my email. I couldn't send one message to you both, so I had to do two separate.

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