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Does anyone know when Great Bay sends out acceptance letters? I have heard as early as March from some people, and as late as May from others. Any thoughts? I got my letter from Manchester a few... Read More

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    Hello there-- new to this thread and really hoping for a bit of help from ya'll. I'm really hoping to be at GBCC for Fall 2012! I'm trying to figure out if I should be taking the NLN again. I've taken it once and achieved what I think is a pretty good score. I don't want to be overconfident and assume that the scores I received on my first NLN are good enough for acceptance. I'll take it again if it would be smart for me to get better scores than I currently have... but I have no idea what you folks who got accepted received for scores... please help!

    My NLN scores from this past 8/3 are:
    Composite-146 (98%)
    Verbal- 90% of q's correct, 98% relative to other RN test takers.
    Math- 90% of q's correct, 97% relative to other RN test takers.
    Science- 71% of q's correct, 91% relative to other RN test takers.

    It is the science that I'm wondering if I should be trying to raise. Also, I will have A&P 1 & 2 complete by application time, and I have a non-nursing BS degree already.

    Do you folks think I should retake the NLN or are these scores good enough???
    Hope to hear from you-- Thanks for your help!!

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    It's a great score, I'll graduate in May and you would very likely have been accepted in my class with those scores and A+P completed. I wouldn't worry too much about the science, a 91 is great, and most ppl taking the test arent likely to score better. How many nursing students understand Ohm's laws and a series-parallel circuit? However it's hard telling who will apply for acceptance this coming year! Good luck!
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    Thanks for writing. You're right, it's hard to know what the applicant pool will be like in any given year. I think I'll head to a nursing info session next week and see if it helps me make up my mind about taking the test again and also help me decide about choosing between USM's accel program and GBCC. Have you had a good experience so far at Great Bay?

    Congratulations on not only being accepted but being half done! Good luck to you too!

    If anyone else who was accepted feels like letting me know how they did on the NLN it would be greatly appreciated... thanks!

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    Are those percentages under the All category? They give you several percentages for all different programs and GBCC goes by the percentages to that are on the far right under ALL.
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    Hi Libby-
    I'm not sure... I was expecting the detailed report that you are referring to from the example I saw in my NLN study guide and also from everything I've read online, but the report I got from NLN (a month late and only after multiple phone calls and emails) only has three columns of info:
    - # Items
    -% Correct Score
    -Relative Performance

    In the text above the chart, it says: "Your relative performance on each of these sections as compared to a reference group of applicants to RN nursing programs is provided as a percentile rank, which ranges from 0 to 99 and indicates what proportion of the reference group earned scores lower than yours."

    Since I was expecting a more detailed report (with an "ALL" category) I called NLN and a not very friendly lady just said "That's the only report you will receive." I asked if the school got the more detailed one and she said yes.
    Kinda strange, huh?
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    I'm trying to figure out whether to take the NLN again but it's a hard decision since I don't really know for sure which numbers Great Bay will be looking at. If they are going by the 90-90-71 then I need to take it again. If it's the 98-97-91 I think I should(?) be good.

    Plus, I'm told that the February test (the only one I can take before the application deadline) fills fast and I need to book myself into it right away.
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    --Got an explanation about why my report is different:

    just talked to someone awesome at GBCC who said that apparently NLN is changing the report they send. They are going to need to figure out which numbers they will use for the selection process.
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    Huh... I don't know what to tell you that sounds strange! My first set of numbers were all in the nineties and then the precentages got lower as the columns moved to the right. Of course they use the lower percentages! LOL. You can call the school and ask them to read you back your test scores. If they are all in the 90's your good!! If they're using the ones with the 70% it would hurt to take them again. With those scores I think you would most likely be atleast wait-listed!! So that's good news! Good luck to you!
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    Overall I'm quite happy with the program, they want us to succeed, and although it can be quite tough to get in, once accepted the failure rate is quite low. It sounds like the new scoring system might have some bugs to work out, but don't forget you outscored 91% of those taking the science portion, and the other scores are fantastic. Your composite score indicates only 1% of those taking the test outscored you when considering the test as a whole, there is no 100% in the comparison scores. I wouldn't worry about your % correct because a portion of the test questions are for R&D of new test questions, and they were not previously considered in your relative scores. However, I'm definitely not familiar with the new system. If you're still concerned, feel free to take the test again, it never hurts to raise your scores!
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    Thanks for the replies everyone!--very much appreciated. I've received confirmation that NLN is, in fact, changing the reports they send and there is no longer and "ALL" column. There is just that column I previously mentioned labeled "Relative Performance" which I got the 97, 98, and 91. I'm thinking I'll just feel good about those scores going into the admissions process and save the $70 on another NLN test. Hopefully the 91 won't bite me in the butt. The admissions person said that most people accepted have all three scores in the 90's so I hope I'm not being overconfident in my scores.
    Thanks again everyone. Cheers.

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