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Any new grads out there who've applied to the NRP at Dartmouth-Hitchcock heard anything?? I've called the recruiter twice over the past 2 weeks and both times she said I'd hear either way "In a few days" but still nothing... ... Read More

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    They did finally contact me for an interview a couple weeks ago, but I decided on another position. They told me they had "most" of the slots filled at that point.

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    Hi guys, I might be able to offer some additional info. I was called for a phone interview back in May, and was told then that a lot of positions were already filled (yet I applied to the NRP maybe 1 week after it was posted). I was first told I was in the running for a cardiac step-down unit, then in the phone interview I was told a surgical unit. After waiting for weeks, finally got a confirmation for an in-person interview and job shadow for the OR. Apparently I was supposed to be there today, but no one from HR ever called me to tell me that! They didn't exactly apologize for their error (I mean, come on...tell the interviewee where and what time!) but it was rescheduled for mid-July. OR isn't my first choice, but who knows.
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    The OR position was the one I initially phone-interviewed about, but then they thoughyt I;d be better in psych (I have a lot of crisis counselling experience). The OR would be exciting, I think. It sounded like great pay and they have an on-call apartment for your one weekend every 6 weeks on call... It's a very good program, I hear. If you think you could enjoy that specialty, it would be a GREAT start to your career to be trained at such an amazing hospital OR! Good luck if you decide to go that way...!
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    Hi! I know that this is a little late but I have a phone interview tomorrow for the Nurse Residency Program at Dartmouth. I was wondering if any of you have any advice about what to expect. I am getting pretty nervous!! Thank you.
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    rclymer, Did you hear anything about the program? I recently applied and am interested to hear how the application process is! Did you hear anything about the contract that existed back in 09?


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