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    Hey everyone! I was wondering if anyone knows much about Catholic Medical Center and if they hire new grads. I am interested in working there. Any information would be greatly appreciated!

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    I have heard they are very new grad friendly!
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    The vast majority of their postings I have seen,for experience they simply require a graduate nurse! And a couple of other positions have "preferred.....(insert here)", but not REQUIRED. I'm applying there myself!!!
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    Have you already graduated? I am afraid they won't take me seriously. I graduate in May. I would love to work here if I could!
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    I too graduate in May. I was reading a little more closely and it looks like we have to actually have a license in our hands, but depending on when you decide to take your NCLEX, it could be as soon as June I think I may contact HR anyway and see what they have to say about it
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    If you could let me know what they say that would be great! Thanks so much. Maybe we will be able to work with each other there
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    So I finally sent outs my resume and applied to probably 6 depts there. I couldn't find a direct contact for hr maybe I was being special but its kind of annoying because how am I supposed to get my recommendations off to them if I don't know who to have them sent to. I say just send in your application and call mid-week. Where are You going to school right now?
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    If you search human resources in the search bar it will come up as career center and will have a number. Good luck!
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    Did you apply online?! I applied to 2 but I was wondering if they had a generic form that I could fill out to be able to send to all the know? Is that what you did?

    I will be graduating in May from University of Rochester, NY as a 2nd degree BSN. What school will you be graduating from?
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    Once you fill put one application and save everything you can just apply and hit the continue buttons straight through. Though I did hear today they wont even lookat you until You're licensed. I'm graduating in may from great bay community college then I'm going to Franklin peirce for a second bachelors

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