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Hey everyone! I was wondering if anyone knows much about Catholic Medical Center and if they hire new grads. I am interested in working there. Any information would be greatly appreciated! :)... Read More

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    for CMC I was contacted directly by the director of the floor (after I applied online). Then I interviewed with her and the educator on the floor. I never once met with HR during the interview process and the only time I spoke with them was when they called to extend me the job offer.

    I did interview at Elliot and I met with HR first then the director of the floor I was interviewing for there.

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    Thank you melmarie23! Congrats on the job offer! What was the interview like? More behavioral questions or questions concerning the unit population?
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    it was a combination of both
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    Does anyone know how much a new grad BSN gets paid in NH? thanks.
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    Depending on where you work a new grad will make anywhere from 19-26 ish has been my experience thus far, degree type doesn't seem to make a difference in pay, it may just give you a leg up in a hospital
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    I have a friend who has just passed her nclex-pn. She's finding it hard to get a job. Does anyone know of vacancy anywhere and what would the pay look like?
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    many hospitals are doing away with LPN's. She could probably have some luck at a nursing home or assisted living.
    I have friends that work at Lakes Region GH and they no longer hire LPN's.

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