Associates program that will take a nursing 3 student?!

  1. I have all core classes done as well as nursing 1 and 2 complete. The only classes I have left are nursing 3 and 4 and I will have my RN. Here is the issue- I need a new school. I was a Great Bay Student. Here is the background:
    I was admitted into the nursing program in the fall of 2009. I completed the first semester and continued on to the second semester. Three weeks into the semester my husband suffered a heart attack. A sextuple coronary bypass surgery was preformed. My husband was unable to drive, required cardiac rehab at the hospital and was on disability leave for 12 weeks. We also had 2 children at that time and he was unable to care for them in any way or to lift our infant daughter. I withdrew from the program. Once my husband was well I applied for reentry into the Nursing Program. I was accepted and began in the spring 2011 semester. Again, three weeks into the semester, my family was struck with another crisis. My 2 year old daughter, Olivia passed away unexpectedly while sleeping due to a fatal seizure. I was devastated and in shock but continued through the semester and passed the class.
    It is the policy of great bay that readmission is only possible once. I attempted appealing the policy and was denied. I really do not want to redo my nursing classes and am desperately looking for a school where it is possible for me to complete my last 2 classes. Anyone know of any options? Any suggestions are appreciated!
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