Anyone in NH waiting for acceptance from NHTI? Anyone in NH waiting for acceptance from NHTI? | allnurses

Anyone in NH waiting for acceptance from NHTI?

  1. 0 Just curious who is waiting to hear from NHTI. I am anxiously awaiting, but probably won't hear anything until March sometime (from what I have read). The anticipation is killing me. I am currently finishing up A&P II which will conclude my prerequisites.
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    Hey there, I did not apply to NHTI but I did apply to MCC, Manchester Community College. I got my acceptance letter 2 days ago. They sent the letter out on March 2. Have you heard from NHTI yet?
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    Congrats!!!! If you don't mind me asking, how was your GPA and did you have all of your prerequisites done?

    I have not heard from NHTI yet. From everything I have saw, it seems everyone that has heard in the past hears in mid march. Which is a little depressing for me since I leave for Florida on Tuesday. I am hoping to possible hear either way before then!
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    My GPA is 3.37 but I had taken classes right out of High school 15+ years ago. Back then I got a F in Algebra I, B in Psychology and a C+ in Eng Comp. The F is holding my GPA down. I started back to school 3yrs ago. I have gotten all A's in my A&P I & II, Micro, Human Growth, Intro to Sociology, Algebra II, high school lvl Chemistry and Biology. I'm currently in Ethics class. I took the NLN not the Teas ,I'm not sure which you had to take. I don't feel my NLN grades were that great. I got a composite I believe of 123 or somewhere around that. I believe I had 87% in verbal, 83% Science but my math was kind of low. I believe in the 60s. How many seats does NHTI have each year?
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    I really do not know how many seats they have. I just know that it is usually triple that amount that apply.

    I have all my other pre-req's done from a previous degree. I am currently in A&P II and that is it. I got a B in Micro and a C in A&P I. Hoping that doesn't hurt me too bad. I am do much better in A&P II (thank goodness).

    I was just trying to see what my chances are.

    I had to take the HESI. I got two 94% and two 81% so my average for all four sections was an 87%-89% I believe.

    I am just so ready for a letter either way.
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    I understand unfortunately I will have to give up my seat at Manchester. I'm very sad about it but I am not able to leave work to do the day program. I am waiting to hear from another school that has a night and weekend program closer to work. Are there other schools you have applied to as well or is NHTI the only program? Keep your chin up. I know how frustrating it is. I still haven't heard from the other program that they have received my application. It can take a few weeks just to get that response. It's a private school so they don't have the deadline date like the community colleges. They work on rolling admissions.