Working while in the RN full-time track program??? - page 2

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Hi,I am currently pending entry into the full-time program at CSN and am wondering if there are students that are currently enrolled that work while attending? I am HOPING to get in next Spring '12 and am thinking about not... Read More

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    I graduated from CSN in '09. I worked a full time job (40 hours/week) and was in the full time nursing program. It is doable. I was even pregnant during my last semester. Had my baby 2 weeks before graduation. Before I got pregnant, I survived on coffee, prayers, and my husband's shoulder. Its all about good support systems! I have to admit that I had 1 emotional melt down each semester but I blame that on lack of sleep and stress. Just remember, it won't last forever. Today I'm a happy, healthy, well-adjusted nurse. It was the hardest thing I ever did but the best decision!~
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