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    Hey All,
    I have applied to the nursing program at WNC and was wondering if anyone else on here has applied and what there total points were. It's giving me such bad anxiety, all this waiting!!!

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    Hi SLBlack. I have appled to the WNC program for fall too. At first I thought I had 14 points but I now realize that I only have 13 (due to the Sociology/Psychology classes). That Kaplan exam was sooo hard!!
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    Hey SLBlack, I'm applying with 16 points. I have an A grade in all of my prerequisites, and have completed all of the course work. The thing that's killing me is my 75 on the kaplan test and not being a resident. : ( I'm really curious as to how many points other people are applying with. If you have any information to share it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks- vpuentes
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    Hey kfinley79, I had the same problem. I lost a point due to not having both sociology and psychology, I was thinking you had to only have one not both. The Kaplan was very difficult, it was very specific on the science portion.

    Hey vpuentes, I have 17 points. I am lucky I am a resident because that helped me out seeing that I did not complete all my prereqs. I know of one other girl applying with a 17 but thats all the info I have. We should know in about 2 weeks or so.
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    I have 17 points but I know of at least 4 people with 18 points.

    From what I hear, if you have 18/19 points you're pretty much in but with 17 or less it's very iffy. Apparently there has been a huge influx of applications at WNC and it has become much more competitive in the last 2 years.

    This was one reason they changed to the Kaplan entrance exam this year to help weed out applications.
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    Dang really? That stresses me out. I heard last year people with 17,18 and 19 s got in. Hopefully the Kaplan test did what it was suppose to.
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    Yeah, I'm in the same boat.

    Do you know of anyone who got 4 points on the kaplan? I was in the second to last class for taking the kaplan this year and I thought I heard Mo say that nobody had got 4 points on the Kaplan yet (one more class to go) but I may have misheard.

    I should of had 18 points but I flopped on the writing section of the Kaplan but did really well on the rest of the sections.
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    No I haven't heard of anyone getting all 4 points. The writing was the hardest portion for me also. The other sections went pretty well. Did you apply to anywhere else, or just WNC?
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    I just finished my first year at WNC. The hospital gave WNC money to take on 8 more students than usual, so that helps to explain some of the 17's. Whether they are doing the same this year, I don't know. We also went through many, if not all, alternates. We did not have the Kaplan entrance exam either, but we do have kaplan as part of our classes. I had an 18, as did many of my classmates. Good luck guys!
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    Thanks doozer86. We should know in a week or so!!
    How was your first year in the program? How was the work load?

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