WNC Fall 2010 questions

  1. Hello, I have been scouting this site for recent information on WNC and am not finding what I am looking for. I heard that there were cutbacks in the nursing program and was wondering if anyone has the scoop. Did they lower the amount of students they will accept in the fall? I also heard more speculation on there even being a class beginning this fall. Something about one starting in fall 11'. I'm trying to reach the nursing office, but have been unsuccessful, so thought I would try here. Thanks for any info!!
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  3. by   Chronis
    Well last I heard WNC was going to alternate between having 40 and 48 students accepted each year. The extra 8 openings every other year would be reserved for the students from Fallen. However if you are from Fallen and they are not offering the extra 8 slots this year you could still apply to the normal program. My information might be out of date however since I graduated from there in May, 2010. WNC only offer's fall admission for the nursing program so I wouldn't worry too much about them not offering a fall 2011 class. In any case even if they didn't offer a fall 2011 class or if you don't get accepted you could still try applying to TMCC. WNC's nursing program was insanely competitive when I got accepted there and I hear it's even worse now. Anyway I hope it all works out for you and good luck!
  4. by   RNpatrol
    Thank you for the reply! It's a relief to hear that they are scheduled as normal, I am applying to both TMCC and WNC and feel better knowing that I have two possibilities for acceptance rather than one! Congratulations on your graduation, I look forward to when I will be finished! Thanks again.