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Hello All! Has anyone on here applied to the ABSN at USN for the July 2011 cohort? I applied a few weeks ago, and I am just waiting to hear when my interview date will be. Just curious if anyone else has received an... Read More

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    Will be driving so I can have a flexible schedule "to and from". Have to find a place to live and be back to work by Wed morning and all that jazz..... He! he!

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    Congrats to both of you on getting in! I am looking into applying for the October cohort. Have you guys talked to the CA BRN about coming back to CA to take the NCLEX and get your lisc here? I know the CA board wont take some schools, and before I spend 14 months in vegas, I want to be sure I can get back to LA. =-)
    Also, what did they say about schedules? Will we be in class and clinical 5 days a week? HOw mush of it is truly "online" from home?
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    Jazlin- Can you offer any feedback about the program?
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    Quote from chullis12
    Jazlin- Can you offer any feedback about the program?
    I have a great deal to tell you about the program. What specifically would you like to know about? Are you looking to apply? Do you want honest info on how the program works etc. I could best tell you via private message....I'll try to PM you. I am half way through. We started with 42 and now have 19 left in our cohort....

    Best regards!
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    I want to know everything. I was thinking of applying but now I have mixed feelings based on what I've read.
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    Tex201. I'm unable to receive pm can you email me @ I'd like to pick your brain.

    thank you!
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    Quote from chullis12
    Tex201. I'm unable to receive pm can you email me @ I'd like to pick your brain.

    thank you!
    Will do..... :-)
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    I am applying for the October cohort 2012! Did you find out if USN ABSN students can come back to Cali and take the NCLEX and license here? Is USN Roseman accredited and approves by CA board?
    Please get back at me anyone if you know...Im a California resident and I want to be sure also if I can come back and work her...thank you so much!
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    Hi Tex,
    Im a new member on this site and I can't PM yet so I was wondering if you can please update me about the Roseman it nationally accredited..meaning can I come back to Cali after graduation and work out here. Is the license transferrable?
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    you started with 42 and now 19? Wow! That must show how difficult the program is. Can you please help me and update me with some of your knowledge about the program?? please and than considering the oct. cohort but I feel like I need to gather all my information before I make a final move I can't PM yet because I have less that 15 posts but please reply back to this. THank you!

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