UNLV SON Summer 2013

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    Hey guys,

    I'm applying to the Summer 2013 semester at UNLV. My signing session is early February.

    It would be great to connect with other 2013 SON hopefuls.

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    I'll be applying for Summer '13, too. My signing is on the 8th. I'm so nervous! How many points do you have on your worksheet? Mine isn't very good, but I'm hoping it gets me through.
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    Yay I'm happy I've met someone applying!

    If I did my calculations right on the worksheet, I have 84 points. I think it's a slightly low score but I am missing a class. Summer is supposed to be easier to get into so hopefully an 84 is enough to get in. If I am not accepted this summer, then I will apply for fall with around 87-86 points and hopefully that will do it.

    What's your score?
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    Pretty low, too. I think I have an 82.8... Overall composite Hesi score isn't included, right? Yeah, I've heard summer is easier to get into. Hopefully we make it!
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    Sorry, it won't let me PM... So the Hesi portion is out of 500, not 400? If that's the case, I have 93 points, which would be awesome! I'm not missing any classes, unfortunately I didn't take my science classes seriously and lost points there. But luckily I got a pretty good score on the Hesi, a 91.5%.
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    I'm applying for Summer 2013 as well. I just recently took my hesi and will be meeting with and adviser this Monday. Good luck to you both! =)
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    How did your signing session go?
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    I applied to UNLV SON for Summer 2013 on Feb 1st. The signing session doesn't really tell you anything about your chances except that they are accepting 48 people. I also heard that there are A LOT of applicants forecasted this summer many of those are ones that did not get in this past Spring.

    This is my first time applying and I am missing 224 and 251 which I am taking this semester. Therefore my points are pretty low at 72.72. figured I would TRY to get in for summer with those two prereqs missing. However, if I don't get in for summer my points on fall should be 93.27 assuming I pass 224 and 251 with As.


    I also was told for Spring those that were accepted were between 86-98 points.
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    I'm missing those two classes also! I'm currently at about 82-85 points, I can't remember right now. I met with an adviser and she was pretty rude saying I had no chance of getting in (she didn't even bother to calculate my points and just assumed I didn't have enough). BUT she did give me an appointment to turn in my BSN app. Even if I don't get in this summer, my points from 224 and 251 will go towards fall semester.
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    Quote from mis91
    How did your signing session go?
    It wasn't a signing session, at least i don't think. I met with an adviser, she made me an appointment to turn in my BSN application and then if I got in they would give me another appointment to actually do a signing for the contract. That's what I was told at least.
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