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Hey guys, I'm applying to the Summer 2013 semester at UNLV. My signing session is early February. It would be great to connect with other 2013 SON hopefuls.... Read More

  1. by   MISSUNIQUE99
    Well at least March is coming pretty fast. They are not even done with the signing sessions. My friend has one this week. Good luck to everyone.
  2. by   Popcorngirl
    Does anyone know how GPA is calculated into the score?
  3. by   mis91
    Only the science GPA is calculated into the worksheet. Your overall GPA just needs to be at or above a 3.0, but it isn't factored in otherwise.
  4. by   sl703
    At least you'll have one degree under your belt!
    From the way it sounded, they decide on Friday March 1st and begin calling people the day after during open hours. The adviser told me that the head director of the nursing program calls each person; which might take awhile aha.
    Yeah, I had over ten people in my signing session so I'm sure at least 90 have applied thus far. :/
    It seems like the main importance for being competitive is taking your math & science classes only once and achieving a high score on the hesi.
    I started doing meditation through practicing yoga at a new studio I've been attending, it helps being present in the moment instead of allowing your mind to wander-stress. Even allowing yourself to go outside and to be in silence for a few minutes will help calm your senses. Oh, and stretching your body helps tremendously with letting go of built up tension we learn to hold on to through out the day. Really, its about the little moments of awareness.
    & I am also a victim of stress acne so I know the frustration...
  5. by   MISSUNIQUE99
    Just a couple more days...almost there...(jeopardy music)
  6. by   mis91
  7. by   MISSUNIQUE99
    I had a friend that applied today and they told her she has a good chance of making it and most of the ppl that finished prereqs do bcus a lot of applicants have classes in progress.
  8. by   mis91
    Oh jeez! That makes me feel a bit better. Do you know how many points she had?
  9. by   sl703
    My phone will be within my sight at every moment next week & obnoxiously on loud. aha
    At least the 48 students will be picked tomorrow (Finally)! What did the adviser tell your friend exactly? My confidence levels rose.
  10. by   sl703
    If anyone receives a call please post & good luck for the week ahead!
  11. by   IRISHLUCK
    Does anyone know how many applicants on average the SON gets each semester? I believe they accept 48 but out of how many?
  12. by   sl703
    As of lately, I'd say between 80-100 people apply. So, roughly half get accepted from the pool of applicants each semester, still better chances than most other schools though!
  13. by   IRISHLUCK
    Thank you. I'm just starting my pre-reqs but hope to bang them out ASAP. Getting my first year done at CSN and then transferring over to UNLV.

    Nice to know what my "odds" are.