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Hey guys, I'm applying to the Summer 2013 semester at UNLV. My signing session is early February. It would be great to connect with other 2013 SON hopefuls.... Read More

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    Well, good luck to you on getting in!
    The verdict will come soon, but in the meantime staying patient will be the challenge. aha

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    The wait is killing me. How is everyone else doing? Keeping busy?
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    It's killing me as well! (Hence why I've been on allnurses practically every day aha)
    I've been preoccupying myself with work, yoga, writing and any other time consuming activity.
    How are you handling it?
    A previous applier told me that they begin calling people, who have been accepted, immediately after the deadline date. So, if you don't hear anything at the latest by mid week then you were denied.
    Nerve wracking!
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    I'm on AN daily, too. I know no one's heard anything, yet something keeps me checking this forum. I've been trying to keep busy with work and studying for a couple of exams I have this upcoming week. Downtime is spent stressing out, though.

    Since the deadline is Friday, we should hear something by Monday the 4th at the earliest, right?
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    Aha Now we probably just sound obsessive, but I keep hoping there will be some bit of information!
    What classes are you still taking?
    Honestly, it can even be as early as Friday night-Saturday; they begin contacting people immediately.
    Around 90 people at the least have applied, so I'm just hoping my points will be enough to finally start in the summer.
    Meditation helps a ton with the stress.
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    I'm taking a few psychology classes to finish up a minor. If I don't get in though, I could take a few more classes and possibly graduate with a psych major before even starting nursing school!
    They'd start calling people after their business hours/days? That'd be awesome, not having to wait until Monday. I can't believe they over scheduled their signing sessions though; that just lessens our chances.
    What kind of meditation do you do? I feel like I need to do something. I'm breaking out from all the stress.
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    Well at least March is coming pretty fast. They are not even done with the signing sessions. My friend has one this week. Good luck to everyone.
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    Does anyone know how GPA is calculated into the score?
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    Only the science GPA is calculated into the worksheet. Your overall GPA just needs to be at or above a 3.0, but it isn't factored in otherwise.
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    At least you'll have one degree under your belt!
    From the way it sounded, they decide on Friday March 1st and begin calling people the day after during open hours. The adviser told me that the head director of the nursing program calls each person; which might take awhile aha.
    Yeah, I had over ten people in my signing session so I'm sure at least 90 have applied thus far. :/
    It seems like the main importance for being competitive is taking your math & science classes only once and achieving a high score on the hesi.
    I started doing meditation through practicing yoga at a new studio I've been attending, it helps being present in the moment instead of allowing your mind to wander-stress. Even allowing yourself to go outside and to be in silence for a few minutes will help calm your senses. Oh, and stretching your body helps tremendously with letting go of built up tension we learn to hold on to through out the day. Really, its about the little moments of awareness.
    & I am also a victim of stress acne so I know the frustration...

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