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Hi all, wondering if anyone is applying to the nursing program at UNLV for spring 2014? This kills me to ask; but if so, how many points do you have and what makes you want to be a nurse? Good luck to all those hopeful nurses... Read More

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    Here is the e-mail I received. I don't have my acceptance letter handy since I'm out of state right now, but I don't recall it saying anything about the scrubs:

    Great question! During my orientation and the last two orientations I have attended everyone wore regular attire. As long as it didn't say otherwise in your acceptance letter or letter about orientation, I would just wear regular attire. The pictures are for one of the profiles where the clinical instructors will do your mid-semester and final evals and also a group picture for the bulletin boards upstairs. Let me know if you or anyone else has any questions!
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    Alright! Thanks Jaxx!
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    Can someone please help me with my question.. I know that we can only take HESI 2 times however someone told me that we can take HESI 2 times per semester that we r applying for. I'm very confused. I guess what I'm trying to ask is that if you take HESI 2 times in fall while applying for spring semester then can you retake HESI again in spring when you are applying for summer term or are you allowed to take HESI only twice in your entire career while applying to unlv. Sorry I guess I'm very confused about this. Thanks in advance.

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