TMCC/WNC Hopeful?

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    Anyone else waiting to hear from TMCC or WNC for Fall 2011 admissions? I have applied to both schools and am not so patiently waiting for a letter from WNC. WNC letter should come in 2 weeks and TMCC in 2 months!!

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    I am almost in the same boat as you...I have applied to TMCC and am anxiously awaiting notification (i believe Mid-July). Hopefully I will get in as that is my first choice. If I dont get into TMCC I will need to take chemistry and apply to WNC for Fall 2012. I wish you luck, please post what your outcomes and i will do the same!
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    Nerve racking isn't it? When I turned in my application to TMCC the admin assistant told me there were less than 200 applicants, so we have reason to be optimistic! TMCC is my first choice too, but I will go wherever takes me. Are you from out of state? I ask because in Nevada you have to take Chem to get into the prereq casses. I am from CA. Good luck to you!
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    That's great news!!! When did you get that info? I keep hearing crazy rumors about 100's of applicants with straight A's. Making getting in seem dire. And yes I live in CA- Mammoth Lakes. Hopefully we will see each other soon
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    People will say anything to detour you from applying. I have heard all sorts of rumors, too! I turned in my application the week it was due. If your HESI scores are competitive and GPA is strong, then you have a good chance, especially since they are taking 64 out of this applicant pool.
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    I just got my rejection from WNC, so hopefully you will know your status soon! I am curious if it really will be July before we find out from TMCC. I am not sure that the rumors that hundreds of applicants applying is a deterrent for applying to the program, just a heads up that you may want to look for a backup plan and be prepared to either wait a full year to reapply or go elsewhere. Good luck to you guys, hopefully we will all get in!
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    Sorry about WNC, since I live in Truckee I won't get a letter until Thur or Fri. I' am trying to stay positive. The asst. to Toni H at TMCC told me there were 100-150 applicants. (maybe the bulk of the applications this year went to WNC. I have heard that it varies year to year) This may have changed slightly since I applied a week before deadline, but you have to feel like 64/150 is decent odds. I wish you the best of luck. WAITING IS HORRIBLE!
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    I'm in Truckee also! I actually didn't qualify for WNC, got a c- in chem this winter, so that is probably a quicker reply from them than if I was qualified. What did your points come to for TMCC? I have 6.8 out of 8 and I feel a little too average, but who knows! I truly hope that there are just 150 applicants, I am taking a summer nutrition course online at Sierra college just so I can apply in Sacramento for the spring semester in case I need to have a backup. Let us know when you get your letter! Good luck!
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    How did you calculate your points? Or rather which courses did you use to figure it out? I am curious where I fall on the point scale now ( I feel I did pretty well on the HESI and have good grades).
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    You take your hesi points and divide them by 25. Then you take your overall GPA and add that to the hesi points. It's 50% hesi and 50% GPA. If you don't know your current GPA you can go to My TMCC (if you went there) and get your unofficial transcript (it will come right up on the screen). There is another area on My TMCC to see how your classes look within the nursing program. You go to My Academics and view your "what if" report. Hopefully this is helpful, sorry if you are already aware of some of this.

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