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Anyone currently in the BSN 18 Month track program at Roseman (USN)? Ive seen some older posts from a couple of years ago in the forum about the program and they seemed to have positive reviews. I know the ABSN track is... Read More

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    Hey so the interview process is comprised of 4 different sections. First you do a group campus tour, then the admissions counselor and financial aid lady do a presentation, followed by the 15-minute writing sample, and finally you have your 2 on 1 interview. For mine, it was a professor and current student. This part is very casual, almost like a conversation really. They only asked me 3 or 4 different questions but it was an ongoing discussion. It's important to just be yourself and know why you want to be a nurse and what experiences had led you to this point. Shortly after my interview ( like 2 weeks), I was notified that I was accepted. However, I am declining my spot because I was offered admission to a family nurse practitioner graduate program. Good luck and besides I hear that if you receive an interview, chances are that you will get accepted unless you completely bomb the interview or writing.

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    Hi guys so I did get in ( found out in April).I'm supper excited to start! If anyone else got in ( & especially if you are from california) let me know. Would be cool to connect before the program actually starts! =)
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    Hi everyone!

    First off, thanks for sharing all your thoughts/info about the program. I'm about to apply for the October cohort. For those who have just recently started, do you recommend the program at all? It seems like there's a good number of you that moved from Cali. Is it worth the move?
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    Hey Emeraldturtle,

    I just found out today that I will be in the August cohort. Are you living in Vegas already?
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    Hey I'm from California too! But I'm still debating if Roseman is the one for me...I'm a little worried about all the negative reviews I've been hearing, especially with the "video" teaching. Does that apply for the BSN program too? Like how are these videos?
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    Hi! my interview is in 2 weeks! those of you who have interviewed with Roseman, do you mind sharing what was on the writing sample? and what was asked? I have never been to an interview before and I am very nervous. Thanks!
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    Ok so I don't remember in particular which was verbal which was written BUT it was questions similar to ones asked when u apply for scholarships.
    Why do you want to be a nurse, what/who was and influential person or event in your life, describe event when you had to be a leader*

    this can help you I think.
    PS PEOPLE DO NOT WORRY ABOUT VIDEO TESTING. IF YOU DO NOT PASS FIRST TIME AROUND THEY WILL WORK WITH YOU ONE ON ONE UNTIL YOUR SKILL IS PERFECT & THEN YOU TAPE.... but they already know you know the skill so you're basically guaranteed to pass it.

    Don't be nervous I have never heard of anyone failing to get in based on interview....

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