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My husband and I are both RNs from the Midwest and we both have temporary Nevada licenses. We've applied to RN jobs online, but so far we have been "NOT SELECTED" for positions at St. Rose hospitals and our status is still... Read More

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    There is crime everywhere and every major city will have it's pros and cons.

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    Wow aren't you a negative nancy
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    I have never lived there, but I do live in a "Big City" and I will say, the times I have visted Vegas, I felt SAFE---smack dab in the middle of the strip I felt SAFE! Walking through my "big city" and even going on a run in the outskirts where I live I dont feel safe. I live in a higher class community with plenty of "rich" people and stars and my 6-10 mile runs must be done within a small 5 mile circle...why? Because outside my circle isnt a safe place. I felt a whole lot safer running on the strip in the early morning hours than I do running in my tiny bubble!
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    Exactly my point. I feel like once some people have a negative experience they just close down and cannot see anything positive. There are certain parts of Vegas that are rather seedy...but that is true of any major city.
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    I have lived in Las Vegas for almost 9 years. I moved here when it was booming and it was very easy to find work. I hated it the 1st year I moved here but it grew on me. Unfortunately, the job market has changed drastically since the economy has gone down the toilet. I know it is bad everywhere, but we our job and forclosure rate is the worst from what I've heard. But, anyway here are my pros and cons about Vegas.

    The weather: granted it gets over 100 degrees in the summer it isn't humid and its beautiful weather otherwise.
    Entertainment: There are many things to do besides the strip! There are many places to go camping, California is a close drive too! And if you do decide to see a show and have a night on the town there are plenty of great shows to see.
    Diverse backgrounds: You will meet so many diverse people from all over the country.
    Scenery: There is nothing more beautiful than seeing the mountains every morning when you wake up. Just gorgeous.
    24/7 town: You can literally buy alcohol anywhere, anytime.

    NO JOBS!!! Even with experience it is very tough to find a nursing job in this town. Choices are limited and its WHO YOU KNOW!
    Not a place for kids: and not just because of all the adult entertainment. The education system is the worst for children!
    Hard to keep friends: As previous posters have mentioned, people leave town left and right here. It is hard to keep friends since everyone is moving out of here.
    Bad food: I don't care what people say, the food here is bad. I'm an East coaster...so maybe I'm just really picky about my Italian food....but it is bad here.
    Traffic: Another one that someone previously mentioned. And there is always constant construction. We have one of the highest car insurance rates. People cannot drive here!

    Every place you live has good and bad. I wouldn't recommend for someone to move here now because of how bad the job market is here, but I still like it here overall. Vegas will always have a special place in my heart. Unfortunately, I am looking to get out. I am looking for another job since the company I work for is going under and I will be unemployed. After countless resumes and applications...still not even an interview.
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    I'm from Chicago, my family and I love it here, its not perfect but were is it? My peev here is people are the worst drivers I have ever seen , rude, and inconsiderate. My kids go to school here one a junior in high school the other at UNLV. Its easy to blame schools for poor students, but alot of what you send to a school starts with the basic values they are taught at home way before they get into the schooling systems. Its easy to blame others for what parents are SUPPOSE to be teaching them at home. Maybe if every kid didnt have a phone for texting they would learn how to hold a conversation person to person.Like the NYC lady said she doesnt like it here so move back to NYC , you must have moved from there because of something you didnt like there. None of us are prisioners to a state, and when you find the PERFECT one , please let me and all the others know. Vegas sure beats Chicago by far cheaper to live here , weather we love, Keep the snow ice and rain. Glad we made the move.
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    I am planning a move to LV in the next few months, this post is interesting with all the pros and cons! I am looking for a RN I job at a hospital, I have seen a lot of jobs posted on the Valley Health System website, do these hospitals hire all the time or is this just the time of year they post jobs? Does the job market for RNs seem to be improving? Thanks for any input!
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    I disagree. Any big city has its pros and cons. I lived there and loved it and have several friends with young children who love it.There is nice weather, mountains, lakes, entertainment, low cost of living etc. It may not be the right place for you but I wouldn't go so far as to call it horrible, dirty and filled with crime. You can pretty much say that about any urban metropolis.
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    I wanted to tell you honestly about the Las Vegas nursing market. Please do not relocate to Las Vegas. First, the market is too small with too many little "start up" nursing programs churning out subpar new grads like water. Second, all the hospitals and nursing homes except UMC and North Vista are owned by only three different entities (we call it the Vegas Mafia). The influx of foreign nurses drive down the wage. There are no jobs here. You will be able to make a living here but not with ease. I am moving as soon as I can (by March or April). I have been a RN 20+ years and have never seen a market such as this. You mention the St Rose system. You need not apply unless you are a BSN. They are applying for magnet status.

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    The RN jobs are horrific. AVOID THE VALLEY HEALTH SYSTEM. It is a slave bin. They give you 10 patients on med-surg and 6 om IMC. Even, ICU I have heard of up to four. Basically, most of the hospitals are Valley Health System, HCA System, UMC, North Vista. That is who owns the few hospitals here.

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