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  1. I am currently in my senior year of nursing school in a different state. However, I lived in Reno my whole life up until the past 3 years (went to Wooster HS, UNR, etc). Now that my hubby and I will both be done with school in May we are thinking of possibly moving back to Reno (it's between Reno and Salt Lake). I am doing my leadership hours in an emergency room and really want to get a job in an ER. Does Renown hire new grads in the ER? If so, does anyone know what the orientation/training is like? Do the nurses work well together in that unit? It's hard to get a feel for a certain unit or even hospital since I didn't do my clinicals there. Any help or info is appreciated!
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  3. by   smallnurse10
    They don't hire new grads into the ER, but they do hire new grads which is a plus in this economy.
  4. by   livingonadream
    I worked at Renown for 3 years and I don't believe they hire new grads into the ER. However, they hire new grads into all other areas really including ICUs.
    They are known to be a suction device for new grads when other people won't hire them. So that means there are a lot of scary nurses walking around that hospital.

    I felt like I was an experienced nurse at 3 years and was surrounded by a pool of un-experienced new nurses. There is a large amount of nurses that come from California and Utah because they won't hire un-experienced nurses. People stay for 6 months or a year and then leave again. Hence why they are only trying to hire people now that have actual ties to Reno. When you are applying and interviewing for jobs, be sure to ask what turnover rates are because that is a huge clue as to what is going on.

    I would avoid Renown unless it is your last resort. Sure you can get skills and experience but it's a psychological mind battle working there. You will mean nothing to Renown, will never be appreciated and essentially you can be replaced easily. I have nothing against new grads as I obviously was once one too. However, having a revolving door of new grad nurses every 6 months is not beneficial by any means. They can't retain experienced nurses and that says a lot about a hospital.

    Every day I went work in fear of losing my job. Park in the wrong spot? Corrective action. Every time my manager came up to me, I wondered what I had did wrong now. The whole place is negative. Dot your I's and cross your T's at every turn, or you might lose your job. I struggled every day just to work safely under my license dealing with unsafe patient assignments, unskilled nurses, uncaring and seemingly deaf administration.
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    Thanks for the reply. It's hard to be picky right now about where I will work since St. Mary's doesn't seem to hire many new grads. I have applied to Carson Tahoe, the VA and the hospital in Fernley, but can't think of any other options.
    try rural hospitals.
  7. by   HappyGirl2011
    Which rural hospitals are you referring to? I have also applied to the hospital in Fallon. There are not many rural hospitals near Reno- Fallon, Fernley... Elko is 4 hours away but would be willing to move there for a job since that is my husband's hometown.