Pre employment hair screening.

  1. Looking for a job in Las Vegas. I hear that some of the area hospitals hair screen for drug use. I am a bald fellow and a little shy about giving up my "personal" hairs to get a job, its not that I wont pass, its more of a matter of principle and modesty. If anyone could tell me which hospitals drug screen and HOW they drug screen, it would be very helpful.
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  3. by   jt43
    Pretty sure drug hair screening is only valid with head hair as body hair grows differently.
    Edited to add: So I'm pretty sure nobody is going to ask you for some of your "personal" hair to screen for drugs. Especially when arm and leg hair is much more accessible. Lol
  4. by   jt43
    So, a quick search and I find they will take body hair. Hair Drug Testing FAQ
  5. by   Jovial Jackson
    In my research I have found that they will indeed use other body hair such as armpits, chest, and even pubic. Because of the rate at which it grows it can show up to a year of history. A typical sample is an inch and a half, and from the head would represent about three months. I just dont know how much I am comfortable giving an employer, since my head hair isn't going to "make the cut." The problem is I may be applying from out of state, and that would be an expensive trip to make just to find out... and its not like you can exactly ask without seeming shadey.... thank you for the reply friend.
  6. by   RNewbie
    I've had to leave a hair sample before and they only cut like an inch or so in the back of my head where it would not be noticed. I had a friend that was bald and I found out that they do take body hair. I was also told that if you claim to have religious reason for not wanting to have your hair cut that it is up to the employer if they will allow a urine drug screen so you may want to try that.