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Out of state applicants to NV nursing schools/programs

  1. 0 would you be kind enough to offer any tips/advices?

    i'm really scared that some of my credits/classes won't be transferred...
    and i really don't wish to waste another year doing more pre-reqs.

    i feel like i've been going to school forever ONLY completing the pre-reqs!!!!

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    Hello! I graduated from CSN last December and had many friends who came from California to do the nursing program...they did all of their prereqs in California and did not have any trouble transferring their credits. If the classes that you took or of the same credits and class outcomes, you should be good to go. I think it is worth the try, especially if you are from California, because CSN does not have a wait list. That is the reason why some of my friends transferred to NV...They didn't want to wait for two years before starting nursing school.

    I hope I helped you in some way. Good luck!!
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    I took all my pre-reqs in California, I transferred to UNR, and I am now more than half way through the program . I had no problem transferring credits, although I will say get a good advisor because they can tell you credits that will transfer that others may not pick up on. I also had to take a few extra credits that Nevada requires before I could apply. Hope this helps. Good luck!