New Grad RN Positions in Las Vegas or Reno

  1. 0 I know about St. Rose and their Versant program, and I have seen a couple random positions on Valley & UMC websites, but does anyone know of any other New Grad openings, I would prefer a direct hire on a unit so if anyone knows of any positions on their floor for a new grad, please let me know
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    Yes Good question- I know Saint Marys in Reno has a Transition to Practice program, which was supposed open for application submission today... however it is nowhere to be found on their career search site. Also, HR is not answering their phone. Are there other grads experiencing this right now? Does anyone know if Renown has a new grad program?
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    Which hospital is new grad friendly?
    None of them!!
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    I saw the TTP program, I applied for it so we will see.
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    i applied to the ttp during the last application period and was interviewed for er and icu. they prefer people who have tech or aide experience. also, they hired only 1 per unit and each unit interviewed around 15 applicants. the interview itself was pretty easy. good luck.
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    I have an interview for UMC tomorrow for their ER new grad position and another in trauma on Friday, so hopefully one of those will work out!!
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    Hi, what is the update on your interview? Btw do you live in Nevada?
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    Hi j5676c i know you posted about this awhile ago but is there any way you could describe the interview process at saint mary's. what did you mean it was pretty easy. thank you and appreciate any help.

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